Monty Jaat is an Emerging Singer known for his unique singing and style

Monty Jaat is an Emerging Singer known for his unique singing and style

Monty Jaat is a known name in Delhi. He hails from Dwarka, Delhi where  he was born and brought up at.  His songs in a Jaat language have become a big hit on social media and it has multiplied his fans and followers all across the city making him a known face now in the singing world. Ever since his childhood, he was fond of singing and music and used to perform on stages. This made him decide to try his luck in his passion for singing. 

He grew up with social media and has seen the way it has gone popular among the different age groups particularly among the youngsters. He has remained active on social media and soon used it to promote his singing. He made pages on Instagram to promote his singing and thus was able to attract a good number of followers and fans over them.  He came up with a few songs released on social media and recent one that went viral on the web include Aaja Chhori by him along with Inder Pal.

It was released under the banner of Mad World Music this year, while this Haryanvi song has been produced by Mahesh Dahiya while the project is from Pratham Singh. Besides, he was also able to attract top singers like Lil Golu, Raga, and DG. He is currently working with them on a few projects and soon his fans will see the new songs with them. He plans to take up his singing profession in a big way with his brothers and intend to emerge as a competent singer in the coming times. 

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