Enhancing SaaS and Office Functions: Zscaler’s Latest Business Understanding

Enhancing SaaS and Office Functions: Zscaler’s Latest Business Understanding

Zscaler has introduced Business Insights, a fresh take on its Business Analytics offering that helps enterprises minimize SaaS sprawl and maximize office utilization to enhance employee satisfaction while reducing costs.

Zscaler also announced a number of improvements to its broader Business Analytics portfolio, including fresh AI-driven developments for its Zscaler Risk360 and Zscaler Digital Experience Monitoring (ZDX) product lines. These solutions make use of the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange, which trains the most potent AI/ML security engines in the world today. It processes over 370 billion transactions and 500 trillion signals per day.

“IT leaders overseeing distributed organizations are constantly challenged to control costs while at the same time improving productivity and reducing risk exposure,” said Patrick Foxhoven, Chief Innovation Officer and Executive VP, Zscaler.

“However, point products are unable to provide sufficient insights to support distributed workplaces with proliferating applications and employees working from anywhere. Siloed data from disparate systems create blind spots in areas like cyber risk, digital experience, application usage and workplace trends. Customers turn to Zscaler for the first-party data powered by the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange platform to empower application, network, and security transformation,” Foxhoven continued.

IT managers can maximize SaaS spend and office use, lower cyber risk, enhance employee experience, and more with Zscaler Business Analytics integrated into their current Zscaler deployment. These insightful observations will assist save expenses while maintaining the security and productivity of enterprises.

“We are able to gain visibility into cyber risk blind spots with Risk360,” said Guaranteed Rate’s CISO Darin Hurd. “With greater focus on where we spend our time, we can address and mitigate the most urgent cyber risks thanks to this visibility.”

With the help of New Zscaler Business Insights, businesses can:

  • Analyze and control SaaS usage, including shadow IT, to find unused or redundant apps and save license fees.
  • Visualize office utilization worldwide to gain insight into workplace patterns, such as departmental usage, over- and under-capacity problems, days and times that offices are occupied, and chances for cost- and capacity-saving consolidation.

Zscaler Risk360 advancements enable IT teams to:

  • Download cybersecurity maturity evaluations using Large Language Models (LLMs) that are specially created in-house and powered by Zscaler’s generative AI.
  • Utilize data from outside sources, such as CrowdStrike, more skillfully to spot more warning signs and lower the possibility of user device infiltration.
  • Get access to new financial risk models that display distributions of potential financial scenarios linked to cyber risk, based on results from Monte Carlo simulations.
  • Features that can improve adherence to the new SEC disclosure standards can help with SEC reporting.

“We’re excited about how rapidly Zscaler is developing Risk360, including adding features like generative AI reporting,” said Manesh Patel, CIO, Sanmina Corporation. “It’s great to see Zscaler leaning into its unique architectural advantage – the data – to help solve business challenges for organizations like ours.”

New features added to ZDX give IT managers the capacity to:

  • Use AI-driven root cause analysis to assist service desk analysts in quickly triaging cases and resolving them without the need for in-depth IT knowledge.
  • AI-driven self-service notifications and resolution stages enable end users to resolve local issues and reduce the number of IT tickets received.
  • With an AI-based Incident Dashboard, you can proactively monitor and optimize performance before consumers are negatively impacted. It can identify, evaluate, and offer the root cause of problems affecting numerous users.
  • Share ZDX Snapshots with thorough root cause analysis to streamline coordination between service desk and network teams and shorten mean time to resolution.


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