Empowering lives through his years of excellence in mind-body practices and martial arts is Yasin Seiwasser

Empowering lives through his years of excellence in mind-body practices and martial arts is Yasin Seiwasser

This man exudes every bit of becoming the greatest in the field for his passion and dedication as a mental and life coach with his program, Seiwasser- Art of Life.

It is very surreal to know and learn about all those people, who in one way or the other excel beyond boundaries and create new benchmarks for others in their respective fields. All these people have shown what it really takes to reach a certain prominent position in life and make a name for themselves even amidst much competition. Creating his unique niche in a unique industry of health and wellness is Yasin Seiwasser, who through his distinctive techniques have created a lot of buzz around his name and his one of a kind program called ‘Seiwasser – Art of Life’. This in itself proves the passion and commitment with which this German MMA Champion has been working day and night to help people in aligning their mind, body and soul through his program.

Speaking about his journey in training, Yasin Seiwasser started at the age of eight and even as a little boy aimed to do something great for the passion he gradually developed for Martial Arts. This took him on a different journey from other kids, where he started practicing the art and today has 35 years of rich experience in knowing and practicing different types of martial arts styles. His program also stands unique from any other in the industry as it is created and curated as a 7-levels program, which drives people towards strengthening the body and mind.

Based on his over 35 years of intense practices and an extraordinary curriculum, Yasin Seiwasser created Seiwasser – Art of Life and has become the change-maker in the industry, improving upon people’s lives and helping them become the master of their lives. Yasin Seiwasser has to his credit the title of European MMA Champion; he has also been the official self-defence instructor for Nato for the years 2004 to 2007. He has been the bodyguard for the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia.

Yasin Seiwasser has also been a coach for Olympia and Professional Athletes for several years for Champions and World Champions. He also has 15 years of security experience and as an MMA champion has made a world record of the fastest knockout in 3 seconds for the Title Fight. Yasin Seiwasser’s certification in Psychology also helped him understand people on a deeper level, which improved him in curating programs that profoundly impact people, minds, and souls.

There’s probably nothing this ace practitioner cannot ace and with each passing year is becoming more and more popular for his Art of life Program, which includes different practices like Zen, Chi Kung, Kriya Yoga, Mental training, physical training, internal martial arts, etc. Find out more about him now through Instagram @yasin_seiwasser, Website – https://seiwasser-artoflife.com/, Facebook – https://m.facebook.com/yasinseiwasser/, YouTube – https://youtu.be/2El7KuuCDGQ and Twitter – https://mobile.twitter.com/yasinseiwasser?lang=en.

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