Efthymios Savvidis: Creating his unique niche as a high-performing social media entrepreneur and influencer.

Efthymios Savvidis: Creating his unique niche as a high-performing social media entrepreneur and influencer.

Makis, as he is popularly known as is a teenager entrepreneur who has drawn the success path for all his clients through Instagram.

We are in a world that is almost surrounded by technology. People nowadays cannot even imagine life without the use of the internet. A few months ago, this scenario where companies and people became mostly dependent on online mediums and social media platforms for growing their work opportunities and presence, was something that was not even imagined. However, if a pandemic can make us see some of the most trying times in life; it can also bring about revolutionary changes across industries. Today, companies and entrepreneurs are in dire need of experts and skilled social media professionals and influencers who can take them towards their growth and success. This is where young entrepreneurs like Efthymios Savvidis come into the picture and show the world that anything can be possible today with cleverly monetizing the rich follower base on Instagram.

Efthymios Savvidis, aka Makis hails from Greece and proves the world that opportunities always do not have to be searched; sometimes, it needs to be created. Makis at a very early age of only 15, created opportunities for himself through Instagram and today serves as a professional Instagram growth expert, social media influencer and entrepreneur, who has gained a rich list of clientele already.

The process for Makis was not an easy road, through many trials and errors; he came to know about the Instagram algorithm. Through the process of understanding all these things, Makis also understood how he could engage more people on pages increase the audience and keep multiplying the same. Through constant creative and engaging content, Makis created a strong Instagram follower network of 1 million in no time. This motivated him to monetize the same audience for the advantage of all his clients and help them get nearer their goals in business.

He utilized every aspect of Instagram and as a rising entrepreneur, kept learning new things and kept implementing the same, eventually managing his clients in the online medium and helping them grow their pages on the network. Growing them on social media platforms soon became Makis’ mission and since then, this youngster has never looked back. Within only two years in the industry, Makis has been making every possible effort to also get promotions done for his clients and grow their pages and increase recognition across the medium like a wildfire.

His clientele includes rappers, companies, brands, models and many others and is still growing each passing day, which is commendable for a 15-year-old social media entrepreneur and Instagram growth expert. Truly, Makis serves as an inspiring personality for many other budding digital entrepreneurs and influencers all around the world.

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