Dreaming of becoming a professional barista? Contact Mikhail Kiselev! 

Dreaming of becoming a professional barista? Contact Mikhail Kiselev! 

Barista is not just a profession; it is a lifestyle and even an art. A person who loves and knows coffee, experiments with it, improves all the time even if it seems that all the peaks have already been reached – that’s really cool! Everyone in HoReCa knows Mikhail Kiselev – bartenders, suppliers, Michelin-starred hoteliers. And not by chance. 

Mikhail Kiselev is a certified International Bartenders Association barista trainer, The Specialty Coffee Association master trainer, owner of an honorary diploma of the Award of Merit of Barista League. He explains the nuances of the profession of a barista, trains current baristas for championships, and is a competent adviser for those who want to open a coffee business.

The “Barista Skills” training course, which Mikhail Kiselev created, is based on his own many years of experience. The program has long been popular in Europe, and now it is known in the USA. In particular, the people who wish to master the profession of a barista and those who are going to change their field of activity became interested in the course. Mikhail Kiselev has many offers from HoReCa business owners. Entrepreneurs want the famous trainer to train their staff quickly and competently so that their work meets world standards.

The uniqueness of Mikhail Kiselev’s “Barista Skills” course is that anyone who has no previous experience with coffee at all can quickly adapt to this new field. They can even win specialized competitions eventually. Of course, provided that they are ready for hard work and constant improvement.

Mikhail Kiselev himself speaks about his program as follows: 

“Due to the Barista Skills course, a person understands all the processes from within. They master the intricacies of cupping; that is, learn to determine the quality of grain. They delve into the structure of all coffee machines on the market, without forgetting about mechanical devices that have been handed down to us from distant times. Likewise, they don’t just open a coffee recipe book, but get inspired to create their own versions of the drink. They understand and accept the axiom: being a barista means that every cup of the prepared drink is, without exception, a masterpiece”.

“Despite the fact that anyone can become a barista, not everyone achieves true success”, – Mikhail Kiselev emphasizes.

“Many people remain behind the counter for life without moving forward, and such people cannot be blamed. They have defined their limits and are developing within these limits. However, there are people who, having come to my “Barista Skills” course, plunge into the process so much that they open a chain of coffee houses famous all over the world very shortly. I’m so proud of such students! Their success speaks volumes about me as a trainer”, – Mikhail Kiselev admits.

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