President Tina Anisten (Kristina Anisimova): all about international business in SinoImport® USA

President Tina Anisten (Kristina Anisimova): all about international business in SinoImport® USA

SinoImport® operates in the field of international business and supply chain management. It has two branches – in Russia and the USA and has been working during 17 years on the logistics services market. Its clients are construction, assembly and trading companies, manufacturing companies, enterprises of utility and industrial sector. SinoImport® has more than 4300 partners worldwide, in 83 countries, in 186 cities. Among them are manufacturers of goods, carriers, freight forwarders, customs brokers, survey companies. The reputation and reliability of the company built over the years attracts more and more new customers who trust it with millions of dollars for implementation procurement and supply chain management for them. The result is obvious – the business has saved more than 1 billion rubles for its customers.

The company owes its success and achievements, first of all, to its founder and development director of SinoImport® in Russia, the President of SinoImport® USA – Kristina Anisimova (pseudonym Tina Anisten), who built management system for the international department of the company, automated business processes at all stages of work in such a way that the turnover of SinoImport® in 2022 was 3.8 billion rubles (approximately 62 million US dollars).

International procurement is a very complex process that requires a lot of experience, knowledge, and skills with a colossal level of responsibility. Effective supply chain management, being a decisive factor in maintaining and increasing the level of profitability and competitiveness in the markets, is becoming a matter of paramount importance. The SinoImport® USA division, unlike other companies, just specializes in a full range of services in this area. By managing the international procurement of goods for US companies, SinoImport® USA helps businesses to enter a foreign market and get all the possible benefits from it without fear of losing it.

Today, the operations of manufacturing companies are closely tied to the supplier and consumer markets. The emphasis has shifted towards strict adherence to delivery time, minimum on-hand stocks and minimum cycle time for direct production. SinoImport® USA has a long successful experience in developing optimal logistics schemes, the implementation of which allows reducing the delivery time of goods and minimizing customer costs.

Many companies that conduct trading or manufacturing activities and are associated with the import and export of goods or raw materials often incur unforeseen financial costs due to unprofitable purchases and delivery methods, improper preparation of documents and other errors in the customs clearance of goods, as well as due to untimely response to various global environmental factors that affect supplies.

SinoImport® USA specialists: 

  • conduct a marketing analysis of the market to determine the appropriate supplier;
  • find the right product, analyze and select the country where you can buy it at the best price;
  • carry out detailed calculations of the cost and delivery of goods, taking into account customs clearance, duties and other requirements and prohibitions;
  • help develop product prototypes;
  • organize the order and delivery of samples for testing in laboratories and obtaining federal certificates;
  • organize the collection of documents and registration of a trademark on it;
  • prepare international contracts and specifications taking into account the requirements of international law;
  • consider financial logistics;
  • make an advance payment to the supplier to start production;
  • control the production of goods;
  • analyze and choose the best delivery option at the time the goods are ready;
  • order transport;
  • prepare documents for customs clearance, carry out the final calculation of duties and fees;
  • submit import declarations and information on the arrival of goods at the port (if necessary);
  • control the unloading of goods at the customer’s warehouse;
  • close the deal on this product with the provision of all documents and calculations.

Thus, the company reduces the participation of the client in the import of goods from any country in the world to a minimum. Any product will be purchased, imported into the United States, registered in accordance with all customs clearance rules and delivered to the warehouse. Specialists will select profitable solutions for the purchase and customs clearance of goods, save time and money on cargo delivery, which will enable the client to become more competitive in the market.

SinoImport® USA contacts:

  • telephone: +1-980-500-0317

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