Dr. Jay Feldman shares strategies to reach a wider audience and grow your brand

Dr. Jay Feldman shares strategies to reach a wider audience and grow your brand

Embracing entrepreneurship means embracing failure. There is no getting around it. It is a reality that every entrepreneur has to face, but the truth is failure is a stepping stone to success. Failures help us find redirection when we need it to present us with newer and better opportunities. Ask any entrepreneur who has experienced great success, and they will tell you it was built off their failures. Serial entrepreneur Dr. Jay Feldman understands that it’s not the success that makes you. What makes you is failure and the ability to embrace it to overcome challenges.

Born in Syracuse, NY, Dr. Feldman worked hard to become the enormous success he is today. A graduate of both the University of Florida and Touro College of Medicine, Dr. Feldman always knew early on that he wanted to combine his passion for medicine with his passion for business. “I have always loved medicine because it’s about helping people,” explains Feldman. “But as my medical career progressed, I could easily see how I could scale that expertise to help even more people by getting into the business side of things.”

Currently, Feldman runs four companies and one non-profit. A visionary to the core, he has developed wellness, fitness, and marketing companies to help people get reliable products and information, but it wasn’t always easy. “I had failures just like everyone else,” states Feldman. “Failure is inevitable, but if you are going to get into business, you can’t be afraid to face it head-on.” It takes guts to start one business, let alone multiple, and Feldman has learned that if you have the motivation and grace to take it all in your stride, you will get very far.

“ Failure built the businesses I have today,” says Feldman. “With every failure came an opportunity I don’t think I would have considered. Failure to me is about looking at the mistake and seeing the opportunity on the other side. It’s always there. It’s up to you to find it.” Feldman uniquely understands that failures don’t set you back. If anything, they propel businesses further by inspiring entrepreneurs to work smarter. When Jay talks about business and failures, it’s obvious he knows what he is talking about. “The first mistake is letting ego get in the way,” explains Jay. “Set it aside, and don’t let it cloud your judgment in the moment.” By launching multiple businesses, Dr. Jay Feldman has become not only an expert in his field but also an entrepreneur with a precise vision on growth. There is no doubt that he will launch even more businesses as his success continues to grow.

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