Gradually, the world is changing from the conventional mode of operations we were previously used to in time past. New methods of doing activities continue to pop up every day, which gives way to the new normal. 

When the Coronavirus hit the world in 2020, a lot of people had to strategize and come up with unique initiatives that will beat the harsh effects of the disease and be advantageous to their activities at the same time.

Valetudo Systems emerged with creative innovations to solve global health problems in their unique way and give a helping hand to a dying industry. Valetudo Systems is a cooperative company that works hand in hand with the science community to create special products that attack bacteria and viruses.

Their first product, Helios, comes in the shape of an oven, and it uses UVC and magnetron to sanitize food. It also comes with an in-built camera. Once the food is prepared, the chef puts it into the Helios device. First, the UVC works on decontaminating the surface of the food; it doesn’t get into the core. UVC is a form of ultraviolet light and is germicidal.

So what happens to the germs inside the food? Well, that’s where magnetrons come to light; what does a magnetron do? Magnetrons generate microwave energy. The microwave energy travels through a waveguide and is distributed into a metal cavity where the food is cooked. The waves are absorbed by the food and excite water molecules in the food. This heat then transfers throughout the food cooking it.

During this process, a video is recorded using the inbuilt camera, the oven generates an OTP, and when the waiter serves the food, the customer gets this OTP and can use this to watch a video of their food being sanitized on Valetudo Systems’ website, This is achieved using blockchain. The whole process helps stop the spread of germs and foster trust between restaurants and their customers.

“This device runs with the help of pulsed UV waves, and Magnetrons decontaminate the whole surface which can reduce the threat of the spread of the highly infectious viruses or other bacteria gotten from touching the surfaces in the surrounding,” said Debashish.

The second device, Phalion, is a self-driving sanitary robot that helps hotels and workspaces meet up with government rules and protocols for COVID-19. It does this by sanitizing a space of 120sqft in just 5 minutes. It also has a GPS attached to it which helps to know if a room was sanitized. The same blockchain technology used in UVC helios to establish trust is used here too. Phalion can be applied to hotel rooms, meeting spaces, and workplaces.

How are Valetudo’s Systems initiatives important to global trends?

Valetudo’s Systems initiative could not have come at a much better time than this. A point in time where the need for social distancing is vital because human-to-human contact increases the high spread of infectious diseases. 

The device will be helpful, especially for people who have reservations to go to the cinema halls, hotels, amusement centers, and mass transport systems like subway stations and public buses. The company realized that the world is changing, so their business plans and models need to evolve with these global changes. 

“The world has changed forever, we are adapting to this change through our products, expectations, economic downturns, and mentality of the future generation,” he says.

Talukdar further buttresses that the company’s goal is to focus on humanity’s challenges and rise to this daunting task with creative initiatives when the world demands them.

“Humanity will demand more than trust. As humans, we want assurance and transparency. At Valetudo Systems, our global immune initiative is something the world has never experienced, but we will expect it in time,” Debashish states.

Valetudo Systems firmly believes in the success of its initiative because the system is built to function correctly. What sets the company apart and makes it more viable is that the product is trustworthy and affordable. 

Also, the management body comprises skilled people who have acquired knowledge around the world. They are at liberty to apply these skills because they do not answer to any board member or investors, as an independent company that Valetudo Systems is.  

In all, Valetudo Systems’ uniqueness is built on the fact that the company’s initiatives rely on achieving a healthier world that creates a more robust global economy. 

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