Digital Marketing Post COVID-19 Scenario – A Brief Analysis by Stan Tscherenkow

Digital Marketing Post COVID-19 Scenario – A Brief Analysis by Stan Tscherenkow

Digital Marketing is, no doubt, the most powerful tool to promote a business. This marketing technique is equally effective for both startups and established businesses. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, people were restricted to their homes, which enabled them to consume more time on screens. The use of digital marketing during this pandemic situation has been increased to manifolds.

However, some people have doubts regarding the usage of digital marketing after this pandemic ends. People think it is a seasoned thing, and its use will be limited in the coming years. However, Stan Tscherenkow, CEO of Stan Consulting, believes the other way around.

Stan is a serial entrepreneur who has worked with both multinational and startup companies. He observed both organizations and thinks that digital marketing will grow a lot in the coming years. Stan is observing the trends in digital marketing consumption trends and deny the hypothesis that it will decline post-COVID-19.

The reason is that there is a continuous growth in digital marketing in the past decade. Undoubtedly, the pandemic situation has boosted this marketing technique, but it does not mean that there will be any negative progress in the coming years.

The marketing expert stated that the reason for digital marketing’s positive growth trend is that people are usually not aware of it initially. But once they use it, they always come back with a higher marketing budget. The reason is that digital marketing results are so promising and effective that it significantly impacts the bottom-line of the company.

Stan himself provided digital marketing services to hundreds of his clients in the past few years and observed the more significant usage of this tool from the same clients over and over again. This repeat usage guarantees the positive growth of digital marketing.

In the year 2020, most businesses have gone through the digital marketing tool. If you follow the past decade’s growth pattern, then there will be a record growth in digital marketing usage in the coming years. Stan thinks that there will be a shortage of marketing agencies to handle such demand, and one should be ready to reap the benefit from this high demand.

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