Diablo Immortal has grossed $ 24 million since its release

Diablo Immortal has grossed $ 24 million since its release

Two weeks after its release, Blizzard’s Diablo Immortal has grossed approximately $ 24 million for the troubled studio, according to AppMagic. According to estimates shared with GameDev Reports, the analysis firm said free-to-play games were downloaded nearly 8.5 million times in the same period, with 26 percent of downloads occurring in the US. The bulk of Diablo Immortal’s blizzard earnings also come from the United States. To date, U.S. players have contributed about 43 percent of all sporting earnings.

To refer to Immortal’s early financial success, Hearthstone, the only mobile game of its time, Blizzard, made about $ 5 million in May. Despite the voices on Immortal’s monetary system, it is safe to say that no one expected the game to fail outside the gates. Instead, it was a matter of concern for many fans where Immortal was so successful for Blizzard that the studio revealed how he had earned his future games.

At present, however, this fear seems unfounded. Rod Ferguson, general manager of the Diablo franchise, recently said that the Diablo IV will have a set of unlimited revenue systems. “To be clear, the D4 is a full-priced game designed for PC / PS / Xbox audiences,” he tweeted after the game’s recent performance at Microsoft’s recent Summer Game Fest presentation. Separately, Blizzard announced this week that Overwatch 2 will remove the loot box.

Sneha Mali

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