Dewantee Smith Aka Flawless2K Is Redefining Hip-Hops Using His Innovative Style And Creativity

Dewantee Smith Aka Flawless2K Is Redefining Hip-Hops Using His Innovative Style And Creativity

Flawless2K is a well-known Hip-Hop artist. He enjoys global popularity for adding more innovation to his rap and tunes. He uses multiple musical instruments and blends their tunes in his newly released EP or albums.

Dewantee Smith aka Flawless2K has recently come out with the latest EP “Blackout EP” a few days back, and it went viral immediately. The audience has been thoroughly enjoying his EP and experiencing modernized hip-hops in its real sense.  

Flawless2K has a magnificent voice that suits the hip-hop genre. He writes meaningful lyrics and compositions to make his singles and EP more reverberating and addictive.

The listeners across various age groups, genders, races, and ethnicity love listening to him.

The Success of Blackout EP

The talented Rapper’s EP “Blackout EP” has come out as an innovative Hip-Hop with multiple musical elements in it. You can’t ignore its fabulous tunes and lyrics. Listeners play Flawless2K’s raps on the loop.

Blackout EP is a gift to Flawless2K’s fans and followers. The EP manifests its creativity and art in its truest form. It has deep meaning, rawness, and a fabulous flow of musical compositions. Blackout EP isn’t just another run-of-the-mill hip-hop; it has successfully transitioned from traditional rap to a modernized rap.

The overwhelming success of Blackout EP has raised the expectations of fans and followers. Hip-Hop lovers across the world now wait for his newly released tunes and raps. Flawless2K is the master of balancing the usage of words, tunes, and voice as per needs. He balances his tunes to their perfection to sound melodious, soothing and reinvigorating at the same time.

Blackout EP has now gone viral on all social networking sites. It has a considerable fanbase on Instagram, YouTube, and Spotify as well.

How Flawless2K Developed His Passion For Music

The Atlanta-based artist has given everything to his art. He’s been passionate about music since childhood. He loved listening to countryside tunes and spending countless hours analyzing the same in his childhood days.

He left a job at the US Army to fulfil his passion for music. But once he got inside the world of music, Flawless2K has never looked back since then.

Flawless2K completed his Bachelor’s degree course in music production to fulfil his childhood ambition of becoming a successful musician. And just within a few years after his graduation, Flawless2K is aptly recognized for his innovative style and electrifying presence on the stage. Most of his tunes and raps are super hits with a stupendous fan-following. Once you listen to his tunes, you can’t stop yourself from listening to the same again and again.

Flawless2K’s Upcoming Album 2K21

He is now ready to launch another album, 2K21. It is likely to be released worldwide in the next few days. His fans and followers are eagerly waiting for its online streaming.

Once the news of Flawless2K’s upcoming album 2K21 went viral, his fans and followers have started showering their love and appreciation for the same. Whenever Flawless2K gets time, he interacts with his fans and provides them with necessary updates.

The Future Ahead

“I am truly excited about 2K21. I worked so hard for it. I am sure that people will love it as much as I do. You will soon find it online on online musical streaming sites. I am also working on several other innovative musical projects. I will soon share more information about these projects,” Flawless2K concluded.

Flawless2K now spends most of his time writing lyrics and upgrading his artistic talents through practice.

Do follow Flawless2k on Instagram @flawless2k_official_page

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