Discovering One’s True Purpose or Love through the Stars with Sarah May Low Tarot Academy

Discovering One’s True Purpose or Love through the Stars with Sarah May Low Tarot Academy

Sarah May Low Tarot Academy, a tarot & western astrology school and spiritual consultancy business, is owned and operated by Sarah.

Since the epidemic began, Sarah claims that her revenue has more than tripled. Most people seek help from an astrologer, tarot reader, or spiritual advisor when experiencing difficulties.

What happened in the past year was that it is the end of an era. A “total ending” of a previous element that transitioned into a new element in 2020. Previously, Industries that were highly favored, such as banking, building, mining, and multinational corporations, are now challenged as we moved into the Age of the Aquarius. According to Sarah, from 2020, there will be a need to be flexible and fluid and a new emphasis on science, research, robotics, technology, and digitalization. Also, there will be a rise of social justice warriors. What is essential in the next few years is to enhance communication. Individuals are using phrases such as “inclusivity,” “equality,” “community,” “communication,” and “environmentalism.”

Sarah advises that people should be going out of their comfort zones and tapping into their talents. The best way to find out what you’re excellent at is to ask yourself, “What am I good at?” What unique ability do you have? Today, to be successful, you have to be a self-starter. The old corporate employment of 9-5 with secure benefits and steadily advancing career paths will be a thing of the past.

In either case, Sarah suggests that people should consider making a lateral career move and shifting into other industries rather than sticking with their current “safe” positions. “Always have a plan B skill or side business.

As Sarah advises, individuals should think out of the box as gone are the days of mass manufacturing degree holders. More out-of-the-box careers such as orators, bakers, painters, and the likes are needed. Our school system has been far less successful in fostering inherent potential or helping students choose other career paths.

Sarah took her advice, did a 180-degree turn, and became a professional astrologer, moving from “practical” employment. After some personal and family tragedies, she left her lucrative employment in Vietnam, moved home to Malaysia, and founded her own business, Sarah May Low Tarot Academy.

Today, Sarah mostly meets with CEOs, COOs, and company presidents of small and medium-sized businesses. Other clients of Sarah’s include chief executives and CFOs. They use astrology to foresee what the planets hold for the future and several financial tools to decide whether to move through with commercial agreements.

Sarah draws the line in speculating other people’s matters or situations, especially when it is personal. She argues, “It’s an invasion of privacy,” and states that professional astrological groups have established ethical norms and guidelines to which astrologers adhere.

Astrological consultations are talk therapy and counseling sessions. To learn about a person’s personality and requirements, astrologers look into their birth chart and then deliver a harsh slap or provide guidance. An excellent astrologer first looks at the chart and then comes up with strategies that could work.

According to Sarah, Astrology has evolved significantly because traditional fatalistic “set in stone” readings do not work anymore. For example, many feng shui masters in the past would straight up tell you that “You’ll never get married” without offering you any solutions or guidelines. Sarah does not believe that to be accurate, and she says, “Statistically, there are 8 billion people out there in this world, it is impossible that you cannot find someone”. More recent astrology looks to the stars as a tool to assist the person in formulating their findings so that they can engage in “empowered choices.”

However, she states explicitly that one should not just look at Sun signs alone. It’s something to think about. The number of people in the globe is 8 billion, and there are only 12 zodiac signs.  Everyone can be the best version or worst version of their signs. You need to look at the entire birth chart as no one may have similar experiences just by sun signs alone.

How to reach her

Her studio office is located in Puchong Jaya, Selangor State, in Malaysia. International clients can visit her websites:

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They can also follow her through Facebook and Instagram: @sarahmaylow

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