Derrick Kinney of Good Money Framework sheds light on the 7-Part Good Money Framework program

Derrick Kinney of Good Money Framework sheds light on the 7-Part Good Money Framework program

How you spend your money is just as important as how you make it. Many Americans have the wrong money mindset and are afraid of making money or spending it on things that help the world and make them happy. Derrick Kinney is the CEO of Good Money Framework, which teaches people how to handle their money and do more with it.

Kinney is the host of the new Good Money Good Hands Good Work podcast. The goal of the show is to help people build their net worth and use their money for good. “Many people have the wrong money mindset,” Derrick said. “They grew up believing that money is bad and they’re afraid to make it. Then once they have it, they’re afraid to give it away. I want to change this as much as I can.” As part of his 7-Part Good Money Framework program, he helps people identify their Giving Purpose and how to leverage it to make more money and give more away. “If you’re overwhelmed by financial speak or think you could lose everything you invested on accident, I can help you figure out how to be more successful.” Giving money away is one of the things that makes his approach unique. “It’s tempting to hoard your wealth once you’ve made it. I think it’s better to give some of it away. It makes you feel good while helping other people.”

Derrick Kinney has had many famous people on his podcast, including Matthew McConaughey and Sean Astin, as well as financial experts like Michael Hyatt and Dr. Nido Qubien. “The podcast allows me to bring my message to a whole new audience. People might not have time to take a course or read a book, but they can listen to Good Money Good Hands Good Work on their way to their jobs or while they work out at the gym.” He recommends that everyone think bigger when it comes to their money goals. “When I started Good Money Framework, I didn’t think big enough, even though I thought I had. You need to really know that the sky’s the limit to where your business can go and how much money you can make.”

Whether you work with Derrick individually or listen to his podcast, he can help you deal with any money troubles you’ve been having. You’ll be an expert before you know it.

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