Elitist’s Inspiring Wall Art is a Breath of Fresh Air to the World of Home Decorating

Elitist’s Inspiring Wall Art is a Breath of Fresh Air to the World of Home Decorating

How to pair neon with your decor

Home design trends change regularly, and 2021 is bringing in a whole host of new looks. Nothing says “out with the old and in with the new” like an upgrade to your space. Elitist is a home decor company that sells neon signs and canvas art, and they’re here to share with you trends that complement their aesthetic.

Add some color.

In recent years, all white interiors have been trendy. However, experts think they’ll start to date themselves this year as families want something a bit more unique. One of the best ways to add a splash of color is with a bright neon sign. Elitist allows you to make a custom design, or you can choose from their already popular designs with sayings like “Good Vibes Only” and “Hustle.”

Granny chic is in.

Millennials are starting to buy homes, and one of the most charming new trends they enjoy is granny chic. Items that fit this trend are flowered wallpaper, crocheted blankets, and vintage furniture. Since neon signs are trendy while reminding us of an earlier time, they can be a great accent to this aesthetic.

Ocean getaway style warms up your home.

More and more people are wanting a home that looks more like a beach house. This laid back vibe is perfect for young people or those who want to create a homey vibe. Neon signs that go along with this theme can be a cool way to spice up your home and remind you of that crazy spring break trip to Florida you took in college.

Think about the environment.

As time goes on, it’s more and more important to be environmentally friendly. Sustainable materials, appliances, and light sources are all the rage. Elitist signs aren’t made of neon, but opt for LEDs instead, so they cost less than $1 a month to run. This means less electricity usage, which is better for the earth.

Focus on your home office.

As the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, many people are still working from home. If they don’t have a home office, they’re considering creating one in 2021. These spaces should be motivational and structured to make it easier to get work done. Elitist has a range of entrepreneurial neon signs with sayings like “The World Is Yours” and “Work Hard Stay Humble” that can help motivate you on even the darkest of days.

No matter what your design plans are for 2021, there’s a way to fit an Elitist neon sign into the equation.



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