Davide de Vries: Pioneering Remote Sales and Empowering Financial Independence

Davide de Vries: Pioneering Remote Sales and Empowering Financial Independence

Davide de Vries has rapidly established himself as a leading figure in remote sales and high ticket closing, generating an impressive $6 million in sales with his esteemed agency by the age of 28. His dual role as a successful entrepreneur and dedicated mentor highlights his passion for teaching remote sales—a field brimming with potential for financial independence.

Over the last seven years, Davide has earned a prestigious reputation within the online sales community, securing connections

with numerous successful entrepreneurs. His agency partners with leading brands to amplify their sales capabilities, employing a cadre of top sales professionals.

Beyond his sales success, Davide’s primary goal is to make a significant impact on individuals’ lives by imparting crucial sales skills. He currently limits his enrollment to five students monthly, providing them with rigorous, personalized training until they achieve proficiency as remote sales experts. These graduates are then swiftly integrated into lucrative sales roles at his agency, where they begin earning based on the skills imparted by Davide.

Davide takes a hands-on approach to training, customizing his methods to meet the unique needs of each student. He ensures that all trainees not only complete their courses but also secure immediate employment, thereby quickly utilizing their new skills in real-world scenarios—unlike many other programs that do not lead to direct employment opportunities.

Davide strongly believes in the power of sales skills as a tool for wealth creation. “Sales is the number one skill in the world for anyone who is ambitious and wants to achieve wealth,” he declares. He places a significant emphasis on the autonomy offered by remote sales, which enables individuals to work from anywhere, anytime—this principle is central to his training, which focuses on crucial techniques such as appointment setting and phone closing.

Davide is steadfast in his dedication to his educational mission, aiming to replace 50 conventional jobs by the end of 2024. His objective is to empower individuals to control their financial destinies and lead rich, independent lives through the skills taught in his sales programs.

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