Covid 19 bringing a Blue Ocean Shift in the world of SEO in 2021

Covid 19 bringing a Blue Ocean Shift in the world of SEO in 2021

The pandemic situation all over the world has led to the discovery of numerous hidden opportunities in the world of SEO, all thanks to the Blue Ocean Shift. The experts in different parts of the world are getting more and more interested in this Blue Ocean Shift with every passing day. But what exactly is this shift all about? Well, this pandemic has made managers ready for more complex challenges. With everything changing in the world, they are not so sure about the strategies that proved to be effective before.

Why the blue ocean shift?

Well, there has not only been a rise in the number of competitors in the market but also a steady decline in the number of customers due to the reduction in their earning power. Low income means people are prioritizing their buying decisions and money is being spent on only the things that are absolutely necessary. So, there are many industries that have taken quite a hit due to the complications of this pandemic.

The rise in unemployment has also led to a constant feeling of uncertainty among people. At a time when there’s so much loss of life combined with this never-ending sense of financial distress, it can be really tough for the companies to come up with effective strategies for business growth. With such a major change in the economy, government regulations as well as customer preferences, there’s bound to be a major shift in the SEO industry. This is what gave rise to such widespread usage of the blue ocean strategy by digital marketing professionals all over the world.

The blue ocean strategy not only helps businesses to survive amidst such adverse market conditions but also makes it easier for them to locate potential customers. It lets you enter a customer territory that is uncontested which makes promoting your business a walk in the park. The blue ocean strategy also gives innovative ideas that are customer-centric which is highly essential if you want your business to get a significant presence in the market amidst this pandemic.

Digitization of every industry

A major reason why the world needs the blue ocean strategy is because of the massive shift towards digital platforms due to the lockdowns imposed in different parts of the world. Now that people can’t even go to the local grocery store without the fear of getting contaminated, they are relying too much on online platforms for everything they need.

Round-the-clock marketing techniques

Inbound marketing techniques are designed specifically to provide prospective customers with all the answers to their queries. Once the target audience searches the internet regarding a particular issue, these marketing techniques present your goods/services in the search results as the answer for those queries and create a presence for your brand online.

Communicating with the consumer

Digital communication is another essential aspect of marketing that lets you stay connected with your target audience at all times. This not only helps you to keep your customer informed about your products and services but is also a great way of expanding your customer base. Through constant communication, you can get plenty of referrals from your loyal customers as well as boost brand loyalty among the target audience.

Thinking out of the box

Today there’s so much competition out there that you cannot survive with just a website and the same old digital marketing practices. To beat the competition in the market and achieve your business goals, you need to brainstorm and innovate new ideas to reach out to more and more people all over the country. Only the most reputed and experienced digital marketing company can assist you with the right tips and techniques that will let you meet your pre-set business goals even amidst this pandemic.

Let’s take a look at some of the innovations that they might bring into your ongoing marketing campaigns.

  • Adapting to the market

Most professionals are making quick tweaks in the previously established marketing strategies to adapt to the changes brought into the market by the pandemic. They are skilfully balancing short & long-term goals by using a brilliant combination of long-form content along with local SEO strategies as well as pandemic-related keywords to achieve the desired outcomes.

  • Content marketing strategies

The SEO experts are also changing the way content marketing has been handled till now, as more and more consumers are counting on the internet for engaging, informative, and compelling content that will keep them entertained while they are stuck at home due to the lockdown. Today, interactive storytelling with a unique title and interesting images & videos has become the most effective content marketing tool irrespective of your business industry.

  • Ebooks

The pandemic and the absence of socializing have turned a lot of people into avid readers. Digital marketing professionals are definitely utilizing this by creating short yet informative eBooks regarding the products/services that they are marketing so that it reaches people everywhere irrespective of their geographical location. So, if you are looking for a global audience then e-books can definitely be the best tool for your business.

  • Online advertisements

As the guidelines are getting stricter every day, lesser people are getting out of their homes, which makes online ads the only way to reach out to your prospective customers. This is why many digital marketing experts are suggesting entrepreneurs go for google ads as well as other paid social media ads instead of offline advertising techniques.

  • Successful retargeting campaigns

If you want to give a boost to the ROI at a time when the entire world is crumbling because of the pandemic, then Google & Facebook retargeting campaigns are the best ways for you. Also, a major focus is on the different paid advertising channels along with the PPC campaigns.

  • Online reputation management

Implementing the right strategies for crisis communication has become extremely important at a time when the media is being extremely critical of the companies worldwide and monitoring their every move amidst this Covid 19 pandemic. Appropriate PR strategies, quick action, transparent communication, as well as online reputation management are extremely important if you want to create a strong & positive image of your brand in the market.

  • Social media marketing

When it comes to brand awareness nothing can be better than efficient social media strategies. Engaging social media posts will not only enhance the reputation of your brand but will also help you to connect with the target audience and make your brand more relatable.

Even though it can seem too hard to connect with people and make your brand relatable, with the right techniques and strategies you will definitely find a way to reach your target audience and get a massive boost in your sales!  


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