Coronavirus Health Crisis: What You Should Know About Express Testing In Edinburgh

Coronavirus Health Crisis: What You Should Know About Express Testing In Edinburgh

Looking for a fast and reliable Covid-19 test? Read all about Covid-19 express testing in Edinburgh, the most recommended test when travelling internationally.

COVID-19 is a very contagious virus. It can cause harm and long-term damage that might lead to death. It is important to familiarise yourself with protective measures and testing options available to you when travelling overseas. Depending on the purpose of testing, travellers can choose from a few options available. The most common testing for travel purposes is express testing in Edinburgh and other major cities in the UK.

Regional governments throughout the UK have agreed on measures to be implemented to keep case numbers and virus transmission under control.

Moreover, if you have been infected with Covid-19, make sure to notify the authorities and the people you have interacted with. Unvaccinated individuals should be checked often, even if they show no symptoms since asymptomatic cases are very common and are hard to detect.

What Test Is Required When Going Abroad?

When you purchase a Covid-19 test, you must first decide whether or not you satisfy the entry criteria and will be allowed to enter the country. Many countries in the context of a health crisis only allow residents and citizens to enter, with few exceptions.

The UK entry rules are very strict and involve a pre-departure and post-arrival PCR test for all arrivals. When going abroad, you should comply with the entry regulations of the country you intend to visit. You can choose between PCR and antigen testing. PCR tests are more expensive than antigens, but you’re less likely to have an unclear result. When choosing to undergo express testing, the benefits are that you will get your results faster, so it’s the best option for everyone. You can choose to have an express PCR test in Edinburgh if your destination country only accepts PCR tests, and you need the results fast. The only downside is the price; express tests are generally more pricey.

Why Should You Use Express PCR Testing?

When working in a high-risk environment or travelling, the express PCR test is the preferred choice as it offers reliable and timely results, perfect for anyone who wants to show that they have not been infected with Covid-19. You will get your results on the same day your swab sample is collected if you choose the express service option.

Moreover, you will get an email with the results of your express test in the form of a printable PDF which can be downloaded or saved on your phone.

Getting Your Results

When laboratory professionals have completed analysing your samples, the results are sent to the email address associated with your account, so please double-check that it is correct; otherwise, there may be delays.

If you tested positive for Covid-19 using express testing in Edinburgh, you must immediately isolate yourself to prevent the virus from spreading. The time of self-isolation starts on the day your symptoms begin, or if you don’t have symptoms, from the day you test positive and it lasts for 10 days.

Covid-19 testing is critical in decreasing virus transmission, particularly while travelling internationally. If you’ve been in close contact with someone who has received a Covid-19 positive test result, you should book a PCR test to verify whether you have been infected.

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