Conneryfilm has got the immense accolade in the field of wedding photography.

Conneryfilm has got the immense accolade in the field of wedding photography.

Those who follow the path of heart with the assistance of mind are the ones who find successattheirdoorsteps.Thatis to say,the most important stepinthe journey of accomplishments is knowing your interests and abilities. Such is the story of Connery davoodian, a popular wedding photographer from LA, USA who made his successful career in the field of  photography by following in what he was most talented  enough.

Connery davoodian hails from LA, and he is  the owner of a renowned wedding photography company, Conneryfilm. Connery Davoodian takes wedding photographs, makes videos and produce cinematography of wedding couples with the highest level of perfection,gracefulness,elegance and attraction. He possess inherent characteristics of artistic and natural photography. He is the head of the team working under his patronage. Connery Davoodian takes the projects of shooting of wedding events in LA, orange county and  Sandie go and the  suburbs of these areas.

Talking about his journey, he beganhiscareer asanemployee in differentcompanies.He was photographer, producer and video editor in several multinational media industries that include JFA, koji film and CBN international. He produced myriads of videos there. Soon after that, Connery Davoodian realized that he should start his own business of photography instead of working  for others. So he started the new business by opening up a company named Conneryfilm. Who knew that the  young and energetic rising star will soon  become  the icon of perfection  in the field of photography.

Conneryfilm nowadays is a team ofprofessional photographersasthe demand of its serviceis  increasing  with each passing  day. Clients seems to be satisfied and happy  with the work Conneryfilm production.  Every shot of a weeding couplestaken through the camera of Conneryfilm is beyond the level of exquisiteness, delicacy, natural posture and above  all, displayingthe candid relationship between newly married couples. The pictures, and videos of Couples made by Connery Davoodian reflect the moments, emotions and feelings that cant be described otherwise.

The technology and equipment used for making wedding photographs of wedding couples are most advanced having high definition and high resolution abilities. If you visit the websiteConneryfilmand Instagram account, thereyou will find the photographs of thousands of wedded couples exhibiting, colors of emotions, frankness, closeness, romance and courtesy.

Connery davoodian, along with his team would be  looking  forward to be  the photographer of the  most providential and memorable day of your life. All sorts of projects pertaining topre wedding photo sessions, post wedding photography as well as reception day photography, are entertained.  Please visit the  following sites for further know how about the  work of Connery  Davoodian and his team.

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