Learn How Successful 7 Figure Entrepreneur Justin Saunders Helps Businesses Yield Positive Results

Learn How Successful 7 Figure Entrepreneur Justin Saunders Helps Businesses Yield Positive Results

In our world today, we have thousands of entrepreneurs competing for a slice of the consumer market. Business owners need to be outstanding in order for their ventures to yield positive results. The need to be creatively dynamic with business ideas, strategies, and plans cannot be overemphasized. But unfortunately, not many entrepreneurs can boast of such features. 

One entrepreneur who has learned the ropes of business rudiments is Justin Jay Saunders. The 7 figure entrepreneur is an agency owner, investor, and business growth specialist. In 2018, Justin started his agency, and he has grown over the years, working with over 400 online businesses and brands. He has owned his niche in the industry and developed a recipe for business growth.

How Does Justin Saunders Transform Businesses?  

Justin Saunders runs four online businesses that operate on their own. These firms run on autopilot and help agency owners improve their businesses by following a system Justin developed called“Prospecting Ninjas.” This system helps automate prospecting and adds an extra hundred thousand dollars to a business’s asset base. Assisting other businesses to develop is something that Justin Saunders does effortlessly. 

I look at generating leads and helping business grow as art. Every business I work with is going to be different, so I try to understand the industry that I am working with. At first, I decide on whether I want to play the numbers or go after a bunch of leads, or even focus on quality. In my agency, I have noticed that all clients want to play the quality game and go over higher quality leads. That is, they prefer that the cost per lead will be higher,” Justin states.

He further explained some tactics:

You can decide to focus more on those leads because they are likely to convert easier. The simple way of generating more quality leads is by adding more qualification processes. For instance, I add five to ten survey questions before the prospect’s information becomes a lead.”

To Justin, helping other businesses thrive is an excellent way to render the essential and peculiar services that other entrepreneurs seek. Over the years, he has applied his skills to his businesses, and they have flourished as a result. According to him, assisting businesses is a dream come true because it has given him the opportunity to impact and change the lives of others. 

Justin has also mentored dozens of students by helping them be a better version of themselves. Since he became successful through the skills he acquired, Justin Saunders has not hesitated to show others the rope when it comes to business development.

When I started my first online business, I had nothing. My financial state was precisely set at $47. I started gaining knowledge by reading financial books, like Grant Cardone’s 10x books, and by the time I was done, I promised myself that once I crack the code to making money online, I would repay the favour and help as many people as I can. That is where I have gotten to now and I am fulfilling the promise to the best of my capacity,” Justin says.
Justin has compiled an eBook explaining the actionable tips and tactics to generating leads. It can be accessed through www.htfreedom.com/ebook.   

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