Coach Performance ‘Before Aging’ Billy Ilish Face Plants

Coach Performance ‘Before Aging’ Billy Ilish Face Plants

Billy Ilish was on heels during her performance at Kochela on Saturday night.

The 20-year-old pop star dropped out of Kochela during her headlining performance in Weekend Two. She fell head over heels as Ilish prepared to perform her hit song “Aging”.

“I just ate s-t,” shouted Billy, documenting via social media videos. “Hey! You guys, I just ate– here.”

Ilish did not injure herself during her fall, as she “tripped over the F-King Fire Thing.”

After her performance, Starr shared with the crowd what happened. “It was pitch black,” she said in the video. “Do you see that square? This ch-king thing? I went de-de-de-de-de-de.

The crowd immediately rushed to Ilish’s rescue and shouted “F-K the Square” to the singer. Ilish turned the mantra into a joke, repeated the phrase and smiled on stage.

After performing “Your Power” with her brother, Phineas O’Connell, Ilish joked with her fans about who the next empty seat next to her is for.

“Look! An empty seat. Who is it for?” Ilish asked the audience. She then introduced her guest artist, Permor’s lead singer, Haley Williams.

“This is my first coach, hey,” Williams said as they sat down. “Thanks for sharing this with me. She’s sick!”

The duo performed a duet with Parmore’s hit song “Egyptian Business”. After the performance, Ilish yelled at the crowd, “Oh my F-King God,” she said as Williams walked off the stage. “What could be colder on earth than this? I’m serious.”

Williams was unable to make her coach debut as she later returned to the stage to perform “Happy Than Ever” with her in Ilish’s set.

Friday night’s headliner was Harry Styles, and over the weekend, the singer brought out Lizola as his surprise guest. The main performances on Sunday night will be the Swedish House Mafia and The Weekend, who replaced Kanye West after leaving the festival earlier this month.

The Swedish House Mafia was already listed as an artist before the lineup change, but it was not immediately clear when it would be presented. They are now listed at the top of the Sunday night schedule with The Weekend.

West and Ilish have been at loggerheads for the past several months.

The brawl started when Ilish stopped a concert in February when she saw a fan in the audience who needed medical help.

“We’re taking care of our people,” the singer said in a video shared by a concert at the Atlanta show. “I’m waiting for people to recover until I move on.”

West, 44, decided to contact Ilish on Instagram to say that she had apologized to Travis Scott. Although Ellis made no mention of the “Astroworld” rapper, West felt that helping a fan in her distress was a little too much for his foreign wife’s younger sister’s boyfriend.

“Come on Billy we love you. Please apologize to Trav and the families of those who lost their lives. No one intended this to happen,” the “Donda” rapper wrote on his Instagram page. “Trav had no idea what was going on when he was on stage and was very hurt by what happened, and yes Trav will be here with me in the coach, but now I have to apologize to Billy before I can perform.”

Ilish responded to West in the comments section of his post: “Never said anything about Travis. Just helping one fan.”

Following the AstroWorld tragedy, Travis Scott was removed from the 2022 coach lineup in December. Per TMZ, Scott was still in the desert for the first weekend of the coaching and he performed after a party nearby.

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