Kyle Slaughter led the Breakers to a 34-3 victory over the Bandits

Kyle Slaughter led the Breakers to a 34-3 victory over the Bandits

The New Orleans breakers remain unbeaten after their second United States Football League game, a 34-3 victory over the Tampa Bay Bandits on Sunday.

His commanding victory was the biggest point differential in the USFL game this season.

New Orleans scored in their first possession of the game. Quarterback Kyle Slaughter made an impressive cap off of 13-play, 77-yard drive in the Ball End Zone for a 1-yard score.

“I drive this S-T!” Slaughter was heard saying this while celebrating his touchdown run.

Slaughter also dominated the second USFL game of his career by popping his thigh joint. He finished the game 25-39 with 266 passing yards, two touchdown passes and no interceptions. Jordan Ellis led the breakers with 64 rushing yards in 21 attempts.

After the bandits went in and out, the breakers went on a 12-play 69-yard drive. Running back T.J. Logan completed it with a 5-yard touchdown run. New Orleans took a 14-0 lead after the first quarter.

Bandit finally got some momentum after the team blocked a field goal by Austin McGuinness, which led to an 11-play 77-yard drive, the team’s best drive of the night. After failing to score a Tampa Bay touchdown, he finally got on board with kicker Tyler Rousseau’s 22-yard field goal.

But on the next drive, New Orleans responded, as Slaughter connected wide receiver Shawn Poindexter for an 18-yard touchdown.

That drive saw wide receiver Jonathan Adams take an incredible catch with one hand at 29 yards. He was one of Adams’ most notable catchers, completing the game with five catches in 92 yards.

“A lot of people shouldn’t play cover zero on me. I’m going to take that ball … I’m always open,” Adams said during the broadcast.

The breakers were 21-3 at halftime and did not allow Bandit to score in the rest of the game.

Breakers defense blocked Tampa Bella for just 97 yards and bandits quarterback Jordan Taamu was put under pressure throughout the tournament. New Orleans had four sacks and 10 tackles behind the Scrimmage line. Taamu finished the game with a 44.4% pass for 62 yards and an interception.

The breakers played impressive games from players on all three levels of their defense. Notable performers included lineman Camilo Tongamoa and Enrique Saint-Amor, linebacker Gerard Fernandez and defensive back Vonte Diggs.

The bandits were led on the ground by Taamu and BJ Amnes, who ran up to 39 yards in 14 attempts.

After both teams failed to score in the third quarter, the breakers went on a 10-play 55-yard drive, which was closed by McGinnis’ field goal and gave them a 24-3 lead for the fourth start.

Breakers cornerback Naval Clarke stopped Taamu for his next possession. New Orleans answered wide receiver Johnny Dixon from Slaughter with a 4-yard touchdown pass. The Breakers took a 31-3 lead after McGuinness’s extra point.

Looking for answers, Taamu was later replaced by quarterback Brady White, who didn’t give much spark. White was stopped by Mike Stevens in the fourth quarter and completed the game with 3 of 10 passes and an interception for 34 yards.

He was pushed to the finish line.

Next week, the Pirates (1-1) will face the Houston Gamblers on Saturday, April 30 at 4 p.m. ET. The Breakers (2-0) will play an unbeaten match against the Birmingham Stallions at 8 p.m. ET.

Sneha Mali

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