CJ Vibez urges everyone to stay at home during quarantine

CJ Vibez urges everyone to stay at home during quarantine

CJ Vibez reflected on his epic 2019, which included releasing his debut single Vibe Walk (Wrong One). “It was a jam-packed year,” he said. “It was probably some of the biggest and best memories of my lifetime. I’m glad all that stuff wasn’t scheduled for 2020.”

After adding a child to the Jordan household, CJ Vibez jokingly expressed how parenthood has been challenging, being that he’s now spending more time at home versus working. “I feel like I didn’t have a kid until this quarantine started. Between the family, the grandparents, and the school, we basically gave each other high fives every day. Now it’s like a full-on 1-on-1 or 1-on-2, sometimes. He’s beating us up” he said.

Besides fighting his urges of not being outside and getting dismantled by his son chancey with monster truck toys, CJ is remaining optimistic regarding the crushing pandemic. CJ encouraged people to take in a moment to sit back and relax.

“One way to look at this is as an ordained divine moment of rest. I think this is one situation where regardless of your class and your wealth, your ethnicity, or whatever you have going on, everybody’s at a pause,” he opined. “Everything doesn’t have to be in the benefit of business. Some things can be for the benefit of your spirit.” That’s my word and word is bond “YKTV”

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