China Launches the Xiaomi SU7 Electric Car

China Launches the Xiaomi SU7 Electric Car

The SU7 electric vehicle from Xiaomi has made its official debut in China. The business also revealed its goal to rank among the top five manufacturers globally over the next 20 years when showcasing its vehicle at MWC 2024. Let’s examine the Xiaomi SU7 electric car’s characteristics and cost.

Cost of the Xiaomi SU7 Electric Car

In China, the Xiaomi SU7 EV is priced starting at CNY 2,15,900, or around INR 24.90 lakh. Priced at CNY 2,99,990 (about INR 34.5 lakhs), the top model is not cheap. Additionally, the business has begun supplying demonstration automobiles to various showrooms throughout China. The car will be delivered by Xiaomi before the end of this month.

Features of the Xiaomi SU7 Electric Car

The five-seater Xiaomi SU7, or Speed Ultra, is a coupe with the conventional four doors. The vehicle comes standard with 19-inch alloy wheels and a 3,000mm wheelbase. The automobile measures 1455 mm in height and 1963 mm in width.

The car’s performance is its best feature. The Xiaomi SU7 has a maximum torque of 838 Nm and 637 horsepower of power. The car can reach a maximum speed of 265 kmph and can go from 0 to 100 kmph in 2.78 seconds. Depending on usage, Xiaomi claims that the SU7 can give a range of 700–900 miles.

Three models of the Xiaomi SU7 EV are offered. The battery for the base model is 73.6 kWh. The top model Xiaomi SU7 Max has a 101 kWh battery, while the SU7 Pro has a larger 94.3 kWh battery.

HyperOS is also included in the Xiaomi SU7 vehicle, allowing for smooth communication with other Xiaomi gadgets. The vehicle is a component of the Human X Car X Home ecosystem, as envisioned by the business. It also includes a Dolby Atmos-enabled 25-speaker system. XiaoAI voice control, a smart cockpit with several screens, and other functions are included.

At the moment, China is the world’s largest market for electric cars. It seems quite improbable that the Xiaomi SU7 would be released in India.

Sanchita Patil

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