Chef Faisal Ahmed Aldeleigan: The Extraordinary Journey of an Extraordinary Chef

The banker, who did not know that life would take a turn for him & transform him into a master chef.

Some people are not privileged enough to get all their opportunities placed right in front of them served in a platter ready. Some people in this world have created a platter for themselves purely on the basis of their talents, skills, knowledge & passion. Chef Faisal can rightly be fit in the latter category. He can be called a leader who is successfully leading a pack of confident & talented chefs all around the world by helping them flourish in their food business through his consultancy services in KSA & Bahrain. Meet Chef Faisal, who once was known as banker Faisal & who already had a high paying income job. Even after achieving so much in his career as a banker, Chef Faisal always thought there was something that he was missing terribly & it was about his love for food. So one day, he gathered all the courage to make the shift in his career from a banker to a chef & then went all in to become a success story that he is today.

Following his heart, he went with the flow & joined courses from the world best cooking schools in Italy & England to get a formal training. With gaining knowledge from the cooking schools & his vast experience in the field, Chef Faisal opened up his consultancy services called Chef Faisal Consultancy & till now has provided more than 100 consultancies to various establishments in Saudi Arabia & Bahrain, where he trains chefs under him.

There are a few leadership qualities that Chef Faisal believes in & wants others also to focus on the same to grow their business more.

  • Serve as a leader to delegate tasks: If you think only you have the authority to do anything & act as a strict boss, then managing a team at your establishment can become a headache for an upcoming chef or a restaurant owner, says Chef Faisal. He believes that a person must act as a leader who knows how to delegate tasks within the team & take the best out of them. Make them feel that they work with you & not for you.

  • Know the value of silence: Sometimes, it becomes essential to keep mum on issues where your opinions are not required. This is an essential quality of a leader, believes Chef Faisal. He says that giving out opinions just like that feeling you have the authority to do so can be avoided unless you are sure that your views can fix the issue. Give room to your team for healthy discussions so that they too know what problem-solving is.

  • Do it the right way: Chef Faisal is of the opinion that many people in their business make haphazard decisions just to reach a conclusion faster, but this is what leaders must avoid doing as it may lead to a random solution which would not solve the query. This may also lead to doing the tasks twice; hence it is important to understand the problem first & then coming up with a solution apt for it.

Chef Faisal is also a member of the World Master Chefs society & through his consulting business wishes to inspire more chefs & food enthusiasts all over the world & also see many successful restaurants flourishing under his guidance through his consultancy services.

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