Centurion Law Group Announces the Launch of ‘Billions at Play: The Future of African Energy’ by Founder and CEO, NJ Ayuk

Centurion Law Group Announces the Launch of ‘Billions at Play: The Future of African Energy’ by Founder and CEO, NJ Ayuk

Billions At Play: The Future of Energy and Doing Deals launch, Cape Town, South Africa

Centurion Law Group, a renowned pan-African legal and advisory organization specializing in oil and gas law, is pleased to highlight the significant contribution of its Founder and CEO, NJ Ayuk. His latest project, titled ‘Billions at Play: The Future of African Energy,’ was released in October 2019, offering a groundbreaking perspective on the African energy industry.

In a recent interview with a prominent news journal, NJ Ayuk, an internationally-acclaimed thought leader and speaker, unveiled his upcoming book, emphasizing its potential to empower African nations in taking control of their future. Ayuk, recognized for his pursuit of excellence and leadership in the energy sector, outlines the transformative power of Africa’s oil and gas resources to drive socioeconomic rejuvenation across the continent.

‘Billions at Play’ is not just a book; it’s a strategic guide encompassing a myriad of critical topics for the African energy sector. From innovative oil revenue management models to gas-to-power solutions, deal-making strategies, and behind-the-scenes tactics developed in collaboration with multinational corporations and African governments, the book provides insights for industry stakeholders.

Key Themes of “Billions at Play” Include:

1. The Role of Women in Oil and Gas Leadership

2. Monetization of Petroleum Resources

3. American Investment in Africa’s Oil and Gas Industry after 2017

4. Local Content Initiatives

5. Addressing African Energy Security Concerns

6. Identifying New African Game Changers

7. The Value of Active Involvement in The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC)

NJ Ayuk, who also co-authored “Big Barrels: African Oil and Gas and the Quest for Prosperity” and serves as the Executive Chairman of the Africa Energy Chamber, states, “This book will not be an idealistic treatise; it will provide a practical roadmap for strategically harnessing Africa’s petroleum resources.” His primary objective is to initiate a meaningful discussion about the future of the African energy industry, addressing challenges faced by nations such as Nigeria, Senegal, Ghana, Kenya, South Sudan, and more.

About Centurion Law Group:

Centurion Law Group, under NJ Ayuk’s leadership, has been instrumental in providing expert advice on investment decisions in the oil and gas sector. The firm offers insights into various aspects, including joint ventures, cooperation structures, privatization, licensing, tax matters, OHADA, Equatorial Guinea law, local content initiatives, litigation, negotiations, governance, and more.

For more information about “Billions at Play: The Future of African Energy” and NJ Ayuk, please visit the Centurion Law Group’s official website.

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