LOUD MAGAZINE: Spreading Musical Joy Across Borders                         

LOUD MAGAZINE: Spreading Musical Joy Across Borders                         

In the lively city of Mumbai, LOUD MAGAZINE (LOUD MAGZ) joined the music scene in late 2022, sharing its first content in 2023. Known for collaborating not only with Mumbai artists but also talents from Delhi, Goa, and Toronto, this media production hub has quickly become a go-to for music lovers.

Situated in Mumbai, LOUD MAGZ has a big goal – covering the entire music, industry and aiming to be one of the top players. Their home loudmagz.com online is and you can catch them on social media @loudmagz. They specialize in making different kinds of media about music.

Right now, they have two cool things on their channel. One is called “Stories Behind the Verses,” where artists share the stories behind their songs. The other is a upcoming podcast (they haven’t named it yet) that explores the world of music even more. And there’s more exciting stuff planned for the future!

What makes LOUD MAGZ special is that they don’t pick sides. They believe that good music is good, no matter the type or style. They don’t want to be like gatekeepers, telling people what music is “right” or “wrong.”

The journey hasn’t always been easy. Dealing with different personalities and challenges has been tough. But, along the way, LOUD MAGZ met awesome people like Jay Kila, Shuman, and Yung Fly (also known as Bboy Flying Machine). These folks are not just talented artists; they’re also amazing people to be around. For LOUD MAGZ, just making their dream a reality is a big achievement. Success, for them, means being happy doing what they love and contributing to the music community. Failure is part of the deal, according to LOUD MAGZ. They know it’s going to happen, but they see it as a chance to learn and do better next time.

Looking ahead, LOUD MAGZ has tons of ideas for new projects. The tough part is turning those ideas into reality. The team is ready for the challenge, though. As the founders, they’re excited about shaping the future of LOUD MAGZ.

In the end, LOUD MAGZ is all about spreading the joy of music. By sharing the stories, challenges, and victories of artists from around the world, LOUD MAGZ keeps the belief that real success is found in doing what brings happiness and fulfilment.

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