Canelo Alvarez, the Caleb plant merchant flies under pressure before aggregation

Canelo Alvarez, the Caleb plant merchant flies under pressure before aggregation

Canelo Alvarez and Caleb Plant could not wait until November 6 to start throwing hands.

The Super Middleweight Champions made a big rush to promote their upcoming title unification bout at their upcoming conference on Tuesday, and the exchange left the plant with a cut under the left eye.

The fighters panicked after exchanging verbal cries during a formal confrontation before the news conference began in Beverly Hilton’s garden. In clear response to Plant’s remarks about Vlvarez’s mother, the Mexican superstar pushed Plant back with both hands.

“You can tell me anything, but not about my mother,” Lrez said later.

The plant stepped forward and threw on the left hook vlvarez, which most likely avoided it, and the left hand faced the plant’s mouth. Plant said the shock hit his sunglasses, causing his cheeks to jam and cut.

Plant said, “We were just talking, just talking back and forth and then doing what he did.

“Don’t talk about my mother,” Blavares said briefly on Twitter while posting a video of Broha.

The battle camps eventually separated them, but the plant fell on his cheeks in a pool of blood. Eventually he put on his sunglasses for a blizzard, a fighting news conference in which the plant repeatedly called Vlvarez for doping violations in 2018.

Vilvarez (56-1-2, 38 KOS) will threaten his WBC, WBA and WBO Super Middleweight title plant (21-0, 12 KOS), the undefeated IBF champion in Tennessee, when they meet at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. Las Vegas.

Plant has repeatedly said that Vilvarez and coach Eddie Renoso are “cheaters.” Alvarez was suspended for six months because of the clenbuterol found in the drug test, although the Mexican champ claimed that the banned substance came from stained meat.

“It’s very dangerous for this game to be positive for people,” Plant said. “It’s a fraud. It’s not for discussion. Was he suspended? Did he test positive? Not for what I say. () Theletic) That’s what the commission said. You have to take it with you, not me.”

Renoso reacted angrily to Ynlvarez’s previous positive test and Canello’s training partner Oscar Valdez’s recent failed doping test. Speaking in Spanish, Renaissance did not pay direct attention to the plant’s comments, but instead explicitly indicated that the plant did not have enough training to win in seven weeks.

“Illegal substances are not used because you have confidence,” Plant said. “It happens because you are scared. It gives me more confidence. I am so dedicated to this game and it will be my life’s work to come together in a moment when I lose it. It will carve my name in history. Books and I have come to do it.” “. ”

Floyd Mayweather has been unbeaten in 15 fights since the only defeat of his career in 2013. He traded insults after a physical exchange with the plant, but kept his public comments more concise.

“For me, it’s for history, it’s for Mexico, it’s for my team,” he said. “I’m going to knock this kid out in less than eight rounds.”

Sneha Mali

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