Cry Macho performed 51% behind The Little Things on HBO Max

Cry Macho performed 51% behind The Little Things on HBO Max

Clint Eastwood’s Cry Macho’s 4.4 million third-place finish opened the weekend, and according to Samba TV, his HBO Max performance wasn’t as good.

According to Samba TV, Cry Macho pulled in only 693,000 homes in the states over the weekend. For comparison, the Denzel Washington thriller The Little Things opened in late January when New York City and Los Angeles box office markets were still closed due to the epidemic. The film grossed 4.7 million better than Cry Macho and was 51% ahead of Cry Macho’s HBO Max in 1.4 million American households. Cry Macho actually matched the studio’s In the Heights adaptation number 693,000, which did less than expected at the box office for .5 11.5 million.

Samba TV, a third-party service that simply counts the number of US smart TV terrestrial viewers in 3 million homes, shows that Cry Macho’s viewership reached a peak on Saturday, with viewers aging (65+) and Hispanic (+ 35%) declining. Warner Bros.’s day-to-day and date-drama experiment continues to show a trend that while the film performs well in theaters (Mortal Kombat, Godzilla vs. Kong), HBO Max’s performance also shines. When movies don’t click in theaters, HBO Max also suffers the consequences. Cry Macho is a recent example as well as the release of James Vaughan’s Deadly film, which came in 53% of Conjuring 3 with 753,000 families watching the film. Fatal debuted at just 5 5.57 million in its opening week, compared to 24 24.1 million in the third conjuring installment, while the next 17 days also pulled 3 million American families on HBO Max.

It also looks like Cry Macho did nothing Watch the targeted demo in theaters or at home. While the film on Rotten Tomatoes is 52% Rotten, the film received only a “B” CinemaScore since opening to the night audience. As the “deadline” says, “there is nothing to hurry and nothing to change the channel.”

Sneha Mali

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