BYD Launches the Stylish Song L Electric SUV, Competing the Tesla Model Y with a Starting Price of $27,000

BYD Launches the Stylish Song L Electric SUV, Competing the Tesla Model Y with a Starting Price of $27,000

On Friday, BYD formally unveiled their brand-new electric SUV for beginners. In China, the BYD Song L, which will start at about $26,700 (189,800 yuan), will compete with Tesla’s Model Y.

In April, BYD debuted the Song L concept at the Shanghai vehicle show. In just 17 days after pre-orders opened on October 13, BYD reported receiving over 11,000 hand-raisers.

That figure is now close to 30,000. 28,350 preorders for the new electric SUV had been placed as of Friday.

Sales of Song L by BYD were formally launched in China on Friday, with prices ranging from 189,800 to 249,800 yuan ($26,700 to $35,100). Compared to pre-sales, opening prices are approximately 30,000 yuan ($4,200) less.

There are five trim levels for the new electric SUV, and the CLTC range ranges from 550 km (341 mi) to 662 km (411 mi).

For those who purchase early, BYD is providing “financial gifts” such as a 15% down payment or 0% interest for a full year. Additionally, discounts are available on charging and connectivity amenities including free car data and online navigation.

Presenting the new electric SUV, the BYD Song L

Undoubtedly, BYD’s newest SUV, the Song L, is the sleekest yet. It has the “hunting design” and “hunting dragon face” of BYD. The sporty SUV’s design is highlighted by its low-lying appearance.

There are five hues to choose from: orange, light blue, white, black, and gray. Morning light, a white sand beach, and a starry sky in the wilderness are some of the interior colors.

10.25′′ instrument display screens and 15.6′′ floating infotainment screens are located within. Moreover, it has a 50-inch head-up display, integrated sports seats, and a new “BYD Heart.”

The Song L will be comparable in size to Tesla’s Model Y, measuring 4,840 mm (190 in length, 1,950 mm (77 in width), and 1,560 mm (61 in height) (L – 4,760 mm, W – 1,921 mm, H – 1,624 mm).

Starting at 266,400 yuan ($37,400), Tesla’s Model Y has a CLTC range of up to 554 km (344 mi). The long-range model costs 306,400 yuan ($43,000), with a maximum range of 688 km (427 mi).

Three powertrain options are available for the BYD Song L: 150 kW, 230 kW, and an AWD variant with a peak power of 380 kW. The EV, which runs on BYD’s Blade Battery, is available in 71.8 kWh and 87.04 kWh capacities.

Electrek’s Opinion

When it comes to worldwide EV sales as the year draws to a close, BYD is catching up to Tesla. The new Song L is intended to compete with Tesla’s popular mid-size electric SUV line.

As of September, BYD has delivered 431,603 EVs, about 3,500 fewer than Tesla’s total of 435,059 vehicles. In 2024, will a brand-new, affordable electric SUV push it over the edge?

With the introduction of the Cybertruck, Tesla intends to maintain its dominance in EVs. A other electric SUV called the Sea Lion 07 is among the new EVs that BYD is releasing in the interim. It is also anticipated to introduce the BYD UP, which China’s MIIT just released.

It appears like the competition for year-end EV sales will be thrilling. Better yet, market share is being stolen by EV leaders like Tesla and BYD in the world’s most important markets. In 2023, Tesla’s Model Y is expected to surpass Toyota’s Corolla as the best-selling passenger car.


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