Keyul Mer, founder of Bombay Foodie has always been curious and finds it fun to explore new Cuisines, restaurants, interact with chefs and more. He used to post everything in his food trails On Instagram. Within a few months of my online food blogging, Bombay Foodie received over 1,000 followers and the attention of local restaurants. Starting with small brands and free Collaboration, to big brands for paid collaboration and events Keyul independently took this new Concept to new heights.
Bombay Foodie has consistently received engagement with its followers; This Instagram page Has widely covered a variety of cuisines from street food, luxury dining to homemade authentic Recipes.

Bombay Foodie keeps Instagram as its main platform for reviews, and also strikes a parallel Balance almost everywhere on Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, Twitter, Zomato and Tripadvisor. Food influencer, Keyul Mer believes a brand must be omnipresent in its different Ways and different online platforms. He charges brands as per post in each of these platforms. Bombay Foodie being the most loved food page has collaborated with well known brands like..( ) What makes it so successful? High-quality content, high organic engagement rate and hard Work!

Bombay Foodie has won over lakhs of hearts because it does not perform any direct marketing. This page actually picks up selective foods, snacks, and drinks that are actually relatable and Recommendable to viewers. They review through awesome food photography and creative Videos.
It would be correct to say that the 2020 year was not that bad. Bombay Foodie has officially Released home cooking blogs and popular recipes revealing secrets for authentic and tasty food On plate.
Bombay Foodie is a perfect mini food guide and a foodie’s emotion that runs all over India!

Derek Robins

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