Meet Executive Entrepreneur Of Fashion, Business Entertainment And Artist Management Joel Naesketchie

Meet Executive Entrepreneur Of  Fashion, Business Entertainment And Artist Management Joel Naesketchie

Joel NaeSketchie was born and raised in Bronx New-York. This trademark was born within Nae’s business ventures while being a nightlife and lifestyle mogul.Many other club promoter’snightlives just can be passing out flyers, getting gorgeous women to come out and turning up in the VIP sections but for this nightlife vet it was a great opportunity to become one of the respected and multifaceted entrepreneurs in New-York. This trademark was born with natural hustle and spirit. In his teenage he would spend his time after school working as an usher at a local college in NY as well as working as a sales associate at the citywide clothing store Dr jays in addition to that he would create some customized spray-painted t-shirts and sell them. NaeSketchie’ big personality mixed with his fly style quickly gained him popularity in his community.

That’s why a friend of his suggested to him that he would do great well as an event host and party promoter. NaeSketchie quickly rans with this idea and started going parties in the Uptown NY community by utilizing his sister’s apartment. He charged at the door and he made money as well. He processed to organize more events like weekly events and built numerous contacts in the process that would help him take his events to the next level. At the peak height of his event organizing career he decided to start his record label. Label Sketchie Entertainment was born. Sketchie was able to sign his talented niece Angelica Villa to his brand.  Angelica has been able to make a solid impact on the R & B world.

He is also known as a successful entrepreneur by running a unique Luxury clothing brand named MAZCO Original. Nae knew his skills; he knew that he could master the fashion industry as aspects of business.MAZCO Original was built to make their customers look great. Joel’s goal is to give back to his community and also give them a luxury experience and feeling as if they were consumers of high-end luxury brands like Louis Vuitton but at an affordable rate. Nae loved fashion. He takes about 3 outfits to 1 hour to get dresses, he always wants to be different from others and wants to look fly.

The Logo of Mazco stands for life. Red represents the fire, the yellow one represents the sun and blue represents the water equating this is all what Mazco is representing. They are also going to start doing printed shirts, jackets since the winter has come.

So, go follow himon his Instagram and keep supporting Joel NaeSktechie for more amazing things.

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