Body of Kiely Rodni found in underwater car by diving team

Body of Kiely Rodni found in underwater car by diving team

A body has reportedly been discovered by a specialised dive team inside a sinking automobile that belonged to a Truckee kid who has been missing for more than two weeks. Authorities in the north Tahoe region have stated that they are working to authenticate the identification in the meanwhile.

A dive crew known for their work on YouTube named Adventures with Purpose announced Sunday that they had located Kiely Rodni’s Honda CRV in Prosser Lake in 14 feet of water, not far from where the 16-year-old had last been seen. According to the group, Rodni’s remains were found inside the car, and her family and the police were informed.

County representatives from Nevada and Placer responded to the lake. The Placer County Sheriff’s Office stated on Sunday night that the body’s identity has not yet been verified. On Monday morning, they claimed, there would be a news conference to discuss the most recent developments.

Rodni, a resident of Truckee, has been missing since early on August 6. She was last seen attending a party at the Prosser Family Campground, just north of Truckee, where there were hundreds of other young people.

Following the teen’s abduction, numerous local, state, and federal agencies launched an extensive search and rescue operation. Teams of searchers have been seeking for Rodni for around 20,000 manhours over the past two weeks.

Family members kept asking people to pass on information to law enforcement during this time. More than 1,800 tips were received in the case, according to officials, sometimes overwhelming detectives.

As Rodni’s phone and car were also missing, Placer County authorities initially looked into her disappearance as a potential kidnapping. However, no Amber Alert was ever issued in this case since, according to the California Highway Patrol, it didn’t meet the requirements.

Rodni’s companion Sami Smith revealed to CBS13 after her buddy vanished that Rodni was with her when they attended the party. Smith reported that Rodni intended to spend the night at the campground.

Smith added, “I knew she wasn’t in the correct frame of mind or state to drive.” And she wouldn’t have gotten very far if she had been driving.

The dive team Adventures with Purpose, which has more than 1 million subscribers on YouTube, typically attempts to solve cold cases. However, after receiving numerous inquiries from viewers on Rodni’s case, the group stated that they wanted to assist law enforcement because they are experts in underwater searches, particularly in cold water.

On Saturday, Adventures with Purpose started looking for Rodni. They are conducting a separate inquiry from the police.

Rakhi Kale

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