Blogger Andrey Alistarov interviewed Stefan Clavel, the dollar millionaire who created the app for DJs Kaluga-based

Blogger Andrey Alistarov interviewed Stefan Clavel, the dollar millionaire who created the app for DJs Kaluga-based

Blogger Andrei Alistarov released on his Iron Fate YouTube channel a video interview with Stephane Clavel, a dollar millionaire who created an app for DJs that is now used by more than 150 million people around the world.

Andrei Alistarov was introduced to Stefan by the Russian rap artist Alexei Dolmatov (Guf), whom the blogger had already interviewed a few months before. As it turned out, earlier Stefan Clavel had not given a public interview to anyone, and Andrei was the first to whom the dollar millionaire decided to tell the whole truth about himself.

For an interview, Andrey Alistarov and his friend Varlush Ghazaryan went to Dubai. Here they visited a luxurious villa that Stefan Clavel rented for $ 27,000 a day.

The conversation began with a logical question about how Stefan achieved such phenomenal success. It is noteworthy that Stefan grew up in an ordinary middle-class family, he never had a lot of money, but at the age of 12 he opened his first “business”, which he sold for sweets, since at the age of 12 he was still not interested in money. In adolescence, the protagonist began to be interested in beautiful girls, for whom he decided to become a music DJ, as he was convinced that all girls love DJs.

And even got a job as a DJ in one of the nightclubs in France. However, later it turned out that he was a little mistaken, and DJs are interested in girls insofar as. In addition, DJs had to be at the console all the time, and not in the arms of pretty girls.

For the sake of achieving “freedom,” Stephane Clavel created the Virtual DJ software application for DJs, which allowed automatic mixing of tracks so that the music played continuously even when the disc jockey was not at the console.

From that moment on, we can assume that Stefan’s future life was doomed to success.

The application became popular, and those who are fond of music began to buy it. And one day Stefan was even surprised when, looking into his bank account, he found there about 200 thousand dollars in proceeds from the sale of the application. Although I started my startup without even having the start-up capital.

Today his application is used by a large number of people all over the world, including the most famous DJs (for example, David Guetta). And the creator of the program has long become a dollar millionaire.

Andrey Alistarov asked Stefan Clavel to give advice to young guys who now dream of a successful life and wealth, but have practically nothing at the moment. The millionaire replied that if someone is going to start a business, then they do not need to immediately look for investments and rich investors, since there are many options when you can start a business without money. The main thing is that a person likes what he does.

It is curious that Stefan himself leads a fairly healthy lifestyle, does not drink alcohol, does not smoke, and has never tried drugs.

Now he lives in Kiev, although he could live in any country in the world, not really needing anything.

When asked why Stefan had never given an interview to anyone before, he replied that he did not want to be popular. “I understand that you are good people, that’s why I gave you an interview,” admitted the millionaire.

Andrey Alistarov ended the interview with a parting word for all those who watched or will watch this video. The blogger noted that Stefan Clavel gives motivation to all those who dream of a beautiful life. “You shouldn’t be afraid of wealth and all your desires that you want to fulfill,” Andrey summed up.

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