Eglita: To All the Girls and Women in My Circle

Eglita: To All the Girls and Women in My Circle

Travel is a luxury that most people dream they had more of in their life but there are a few lucky ones who with diligence, persistence, and a tad of obsession have traveled to the remotest corners of the world and stayed at some of the top hotels and resorts in the world.

Introducing Egle “Eglita” Fox, an entrepreneur, a model, and a hotel connoisseur known for the breathtaking images on her Instagram account @eglita.

Like many other influencers out there who are now living the dream, Eglita started posting her travel adventures simply as a way to share her experiences with friends and family on social media, not knowing that ultimately it would open opportunities for collaboration with the most opulent hotels and resorts in the world.

Her passion for travel and luxurious hotels & resorts led her to start her own company Eglita LLC which offers consulting and marketing for collaborations with brands, hotels, photographers and influencers from around the world. Along this journey, Eglita has been able to share the beauty of our world inspiring people to travel and explore more.

Eglita also speaks about women traveling solo and how she finds it to be empowering, enjoyable and a wonderful experience. Regarding the recent social media challenge, she is very clear about her views, “I don’t see why someone has to challenge me or tell me I am an inspiring woman, just so I can post a black and white photo of myself. Am I supposed to feel special because I got a nomination message?”

Every day Eglita watched social media fill up with black and white photos of women who received the “nomination”.

“Why is it even a challenge to show our support of women? Why can’t we do it on our own, without the nomination? Is it supposed to be empowering, waiting for someone to send you a message saying you are powerful? I find it’s the opposite of empowering. Some people, if they don’t receive the challenge message, may feel left out”.

Every day she received the nominations encouraging her to “accept the challenge”.

“It’s sad knowing there’s probably some girl out there waiting for the message, only she doesn’t receive it—and so she thinks, “Omg why isn’t anyone messaging me? Everyone is posting their pictures but no one has nominated me to complete the challenge. Am I not inspiring? Am I not strong?”

Eglita sends a message for the support of all women. “So here’s what I have to say: Every woman I talk to—every woman I’m in touch with—is a strong woman who inspires me in some way. You don’t have to wait for somebody to nominate you to feel empowered. This is a message to every woman I know—to every single one: You are ALL nominated to complete the challenge because you are ALL inspiring, strong, and empowered.”

For more wisdom from Egle Fox, be sure to follow her Instagram account @eglita.

Isabel Turner

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