Baby Egypt ft. Roddy Ricch. Collab of the Year?

Baby Egypt ft. Roddy Ricch. Collab of the Year?

The emerging musical phenomenon, Baby Egypt was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and hails from Pennsylvania. The young artist is committed to reviving the hip-hop culture by injecting the music with positive energy and adding a new point of view to it. Hook patterns from Baby Egypt’s “Wit Da Gang” and Roddy Ricch’s “Real Talk” are very similar to one another and can be found in each of their songs. Both of these tunes are infused with the same emotions and intensity throughout their whole. Roddy Ricch even pronounces certain words in the same way as Baby Egypt does within the framework of the song, which is an interesting parallel. About four months after the release of “Wit Da Gang” by Baby Egypt, the song “Real Talk” by Roddy Ricch was made available to the public. All of these pieces of evidence lead inexorably and unmistakably in the direction of the conclusion that Roddy Ricch copied Baby Egypt’s work.

In light of the fact that these unveiled realities have been brought to light, fans are requesting that Baby Egypt and Roddy Ricch work together on a feature in order to put everything into its proper context. There is a widespread belief among Baby Egypt’s fans that Roddy Ricch stole his song; as a result, these individuals believe that Baby deserves to be afforded more favourable treatment. They are showing their support for him across all of the social platforms, and they are anticipating that Roddy Ricch will take some action to make up for what he has done to him.

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