Award Winning Entrepreneur, Best selling Author & CEO, Keshav Mehta is an Inspiration for today’s youngsters

Award Winning Entrepreneur, Best selling Author & CEO, Keshav Mehta is an Inspiration for today’s youngsters

Presently, with the growing trend of the Internet, there are many new career opportunities in the online field. Out of these, a new field has emerged which is Digital Marketing. To make India digital, “Digital India” was greatly encouraged, so obviously you should also know about Famous digital Entrepreneur. Keshav Mehta is well known as a digital entrepreneur, author, and artist from Bihar. He was born on 09 Feb in Darbhanga Bihar. He is the C.E.O of the online digital subsidiary ‘Kaamchaalu™️’. He is famous for his creative marketing skills across the world. His some books are “tips for learning Digital marketing, Biologynary, A guide to creativity, etc… His books are based mainly on things that are useful in real life.

Currently, 80% of users who do research before doing online shopping, ticket booking, food orders, or any online order placement, therefore through digital marketing to companies, bloggers, e-commerce platforms, etc. through the internet to these users Digital marketing is needed to reach, so digital marketing managers are needed to be so important in the business of offline marketing and to get the most out of its use. His first book on digital marketing is about With the changing times, the way of marketing has changed today, it is not possible to market products/business from door to door as before. Today there are many new online businesses in the online sector which can be earned by adopting but any good Marketing is required to promote online businesses so that more and more customers can be connected to the business and under this, digital marketing has emerged, so we are going to know in his book.

he also got verified on Google, Bing, Amazon, Goodreads, Spotify, Apple Music, and many professional sites as an influencer and author. At such a very young age, he is doing really amazing things.

he got his secondary education at Modern English School. and he got his higher education from Kota Rajasthan
Keshav started his career as an entrepreneur in 2019 for the last 2 years, he also has shares in 3 successful Digital Companies. He also got awarded as Bihar’s Youngest Digital Entrepreneur In 2019.

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