Aviar R67 With 840 HP Is a Russian Tesla-based ‘Ford Mustang’

Aviar R67 With 840 HP Is a Russian Tesla-based ‘Ford Mustang’

Mixing highlights and styling from two American symbols, the Ford Mustang and Tesla, Aviar R67 plans to be the world’s originally electrified muscle vehicle.

It utilizes the stage from Tesla Model S and plan language from the undeniable ’60s Ford Mustang, to make a ground-breaking machine that is as noteworthy in looks for what it’s worth in execution. On paper, for the present.

“I like the ‘60s,” Aleksey Rachev, organizer of Aviar Motors, says. “By charisma and style, they have no equal. Their powerful and aggressive silhouette is really recognizable, and the appearance on the road always attracts admiring glances. […] We tried to catch the spirit of the legendary cars of the ‘60s and rethink it in a modern way.”

This implies taking the obvious plan of the Mustangs of that time and pressing it with tech from Tesla, to make a definitive dream machine for the present age.

While there is minimal opportunity to confuse the outside with whatever else yet a ‘Stang, in spite of the Aviar logo on the grille, Tesla components have leaked in within – most quite the huge, focal infotainment screen.

It’s a classy mix of the two, at any rate from the accessible renders. In any case, R67 vows to be significantly more amazing as respects execution.

With 840 electric hp from two electric engines, R67 brags a maximum velocity 250 kph (155 mp) and 0 to 100 kph speeding up (0 to 62 mph) in simply 2.2 seconds. The 100 kWh battery is useful for 507 km (315 miles) on a solitary charge, Aviar Motors says. R67 will be good with Tesla Superchargers.

“I will not say we have made the best car in the world, but still as a tool for making a special mood, there is none even likely to it. None at all,” Rachev says without bogus unobtrusiveness.

Aviar Motors is as of now chipping away at a model of the R67, so there are solid intends to put up it for sale to the public. Concerning the sticker price it may accompany, no word yet. In any case, you can envision it won’t come modest.

Maria Williams

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