Appreciating Off-Roading with the Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato All-Terrain Version

Appreciating Off-Roading with the Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato All-Terrain Version

Lamborghini has officially released a limited number of Huracan Sterratos under its Ad Personam program called the “All Terrain,” as if the Italian automaker’s already exceptional vehicle wasn’t enough. Only twelve cars, each with a different design theme, will be allowed in this race.

The four distinct terrains that the Sterrato is intended to thrive in served as inspiration for the automobiles, which made their debut at Milan Design Week. These consist of dry deserts, snow, sand, and unconventional routes. For instance, the matte camouflage paint of the NEVE (snow) version uses chilly tones, the SABBIA (sand) version uses neutral tones from the warm desert, the BOSCO (green track) version uses colors reminiscent of trees and woods, and the TERRA (gravel) version uses warm colors typical of arid environments.

Even though the four have different paint jobs, they are all matte black with identical pieces on the bottom part of their exteriors and a corresponding matte black roof. In addition, Lamborghini has added cross bars, roof rails, and 19-inch forged matte black wheels.

Lamborghini Centro Stile and the Ad Personam program collaborated to design each of the twelve cars. They also get unique inside accents and brightly painted brake calipers. This has exclusive Sterrato graphics, dark chrome and carbon twill with Alcantara, and an Ad Personam plate bearing the variant’s name.

Not surprisingly, Lamborghini has already sold all 12 Huracans to customers in the United States, Latin America (ALA), Asia Pacific and Australia (APAC), Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA). Every market will get four units.

“The Sterrato concept proved itself from the moment it was first unveiled, endorsed not only by awards won, media and customers acclaim, but from its resounding commercial success with all units immediately sold out,” Lamborghini’s chief commercial and marketing and officer Federico Foschini said.

Sanchita Patil

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