Apple is reportedly testing a USB-C iPhone

Apple is reportedly testing a USB-C iPhone

Apple iPhone’s charging port is about to change. According to a Bloomberg report, the company is testing new iPhones and adapters with USB-C, which MacBooks and iPads already use, not to mention many devices outside the Apple ecosystem. We have contacted Apple for confirmation and have not yet received a response.

Bloomberg sources said the adapter is being tested “to allow future iPhones to work with accessories designed for existing Lightning connectors.” This could mean that Lightning-to-USB-C adapters can be for things like credit card scanners or flash drives that plug into existing iPhones. A Bloomberg report states that if Apple continues to make changes, it will not happen until early 2023.

While Apple’s decision to change ports has been the subject of many jokes in popular culture, moving to USB-C can be a real welcome. The slightly more widely available standard is slightly larger than Lightning, but it can deliver power and data faster. For those of you who are already using USB-C, most of the devices have to be charged and still have a lightning cable with them just for their iPhones, the change can make life a lot easier.

Apple’s motivation for potential change may not be entirely philanthropic. The EU has been pushing for a universal phone charging standard for years, and a recently proposed law would make USB-C a mandatory port for all handsets. Testing USB-C on iPhones means that Apple will recognize the text on the wall. If this happens, it will be convenient for most people who already use a large amount of USB-C, but may also have less e-waste in the future.

Sneha Mali

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