AMG is Allegedly Planning a Stand-Alone Electric SUV

AMG is Allegedly Planning a Stand-Alone Electric SUV

The GT Coupe sports car and GT 4-Door Coupe hatchback are the only Mercedes-Benz AMG models that are available now, and an SUV may soon be joining the portfolio.

revealed on Friday, citing unnamed sources, that AMG is already developing a stand-alone SUV based on its own AMG.EA EV platform, which will make its debut as an electric GT 4-Door Coupe replacement early next year. The electric hatchback’s prototypes have already been sighted.

According to reports, the SUV will go on sale in 2026 after the hatch, which suggests that it would come to the United States in 2027.

An SUV concept is anticipated to reveal the design. However, don’t search for a small, athletic design. Autocar’s sources claim that the concept’s length will be comparable to that of the 200-inch-long Vision AMG concept from 2022, which showcases the hatchback’s design. The production SUV is probably going to be the same size as the flagship SUV from BMW M (XM) and maybe Porsche’s forthcoming K1 flagship SUV, which is expected to arrive in 2027.

That’s what AMG has said.Axial-flux motor technology is one of the key breakthroughs that EA platform will bring to the brand. The British business Yasa, which specializes in high-performance electric motors, was acquired by Mercedes in 2021. Yasa will probably provide the axial-flux motors for AMG-based cars.EA system.

Compared to traditional radial-flux motors of comparable output, axial-flux motors are both smaller and lighter. A motor that weighs somewhat more than 50 pounds may provide about 480 horsepower as a rough estimate, and higher power levels can be achieved by installing numerous units. Nevertheless, the motors are far more expensive because their production is more complex than that of radial-flux motors.

The AMG.EA platform is anticipated to gain from a high-performance high-voltage battery in addition to its motors. This battery is anticipated to be created utilizing AMG’s F1 expertise, specifically in the areas of energy recovery and discharging, as well as possibly cooling.

Most likely, a factory in Sindelfingen, Germany, will be used for production. It is the location of the current GT 4-Door Coupe’s assembly as well as the probable location of the vehicle’s electric replacement.

Sanchita Patil

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