Rivian is Giving Away Complimentary Matte Wrap for Select Cars in April

Rivian is Giving Away Complimentary Matte Wrap for Select Cars in April

On select R1T and R1S electric SUV and pickup truck combinations, Rivian is giving away free matte finish paint protection film through April 30.

The Rivian website states that the XPEL Stealth film is self-healing and resistant to UV rays as well as minor scratches and swirl marks. The glossy sheen of most painted surfaces may be preserved with paint protection film, but in this case, Rivian chose a matte finish that resembles satin.

Body panel removal is not required for application; instead, the film is applied to surfaces to the edge if feasible, or to within 1 millimeter of edges if not. Although the automaker’s online configurator was only displaying the option as available on the R1T at the time of publication, Rivian had stated on X (previously Twitter) that it would be available on both the R1T and R1S in April.

Rivian isn’t the first automaker to offer paint protection film; typically, the aftermarket handles it. In February, Ford revealed matte finish film for the Mustang, however it was only available as a $5,995 option on some coupe variants.

Additionally, Rivian had already announced that it would start sending NACS adapters to customers this month, enabling them to charge their EVs at any of the more than 15,000 Tesla Supercharger locations in the country. The business stated at the time that users already have access to about 16,000 public charging stations.

Along with the R2 electric SUV, Rivian also introduced the R3 and R3X hot hatches last month. Beginning in 2026, the R2 will be produced at the same Normal, Illinois, facility as the R1T and R1S. However, there hasn’t been any discussion of the R3 and R3X’s production schedule or location.

Sanchita Patil

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