American students are fascinated by OneFile by Alexander Kochnev

“If your business is not on the Internet then your business will be out of business,” Bill Gates says. So we say: if you don’t have a good web developer, it’s pretty obvious to us why you’re not on the Internet! It does not matter who you are – the owner of the family farm or CEO of a corporation – only a web developer can provide quality development of your business on the web.

And not just a web developer, but a backend developer responsible for the software and administrative part of the web resource – website, mobile application, or web service. A person like Alexander Kochnev is a brilliant expert in his field.

Alexander Kochnev is only 20 years old. But there is no shame in showing his portfolio to Bill Gates, whom we mentioned in the beginning. Since he was 14, with his extraordinary abilities Alexander Kochnev has been professionally cooperating with large companies, public and private security services, and municipal organizations.

Alexander Kochnev’s clients include Yandex and Bolt, the mayor of Moscow, and the Ministries of Health and Public Utilities. All of them refer to Alexander Kochnev as a qualified, competent expert who created socially significant resources used by more than 10 million people.

From Alexander Kochnev’s personal developments, there are interesting services, which have no equivalents in the world. In particular, these are:

  • A system for generating passes by license plate number for a special economic zone;
  • A device that identifies electronic devices by sound;
  • The Digit Recognizer neural network, which recognizes numbers handwritten digits on photos;
  • Polygon Neural Network, which determines the precise coordinates of objects in an image.

Thanks to the unique services personally developed by Alexander Kochnev, today many cities and countries ensure national and social security, anti-terrorist measures, and search operations.

Alexander Kochnev currently lives in San Diego, California. The young backend developer has already brought his latest original development to the USA – the OneFile service for transferring and browsing files on different devices without downloading.

OneFile by Alexander Kochnev allows you to view up to 10 files of up to 2 Gb on several devices separately or simultaneously without downloading them to your device or storing them in the cloud. Enter the 6-digit code that OneFile automatically generates, and work with your documents on whatever you need, wherever you need, whenever you need them.

Forget flash drives and e-mailing thousands of copies to yourself. Upload everything you need to OneFile and send the code or link which the service will also generate to those who need to receive the documents and use the rest of the time more effectively than you would spend on the outdated way of uploading files.

The unique product OneFile by Alexander Kochnev has already been welcomed by thousands of Americans. OneFile by Alexander Kochnev is especially appreciated by college and university students who have to deal with large amounts of various information on a daily basis. 

According to user reviews, OneFile by Alexander Kochnev is currently the best service that allows saving 10 time spent on the usual file transfer. But most importantly: it saves a lot of space on the devices where students were forced to upload tons of files. Until OneFile by Alexander Kochnev was released!

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