Nadezhda Sapozhnikova, hair removal master, has candidly spoke about her profession

Nadezhda Sapozhnikova, hair removal master, has candidly spoke about her profession

Nadezhda Sapozhnikova is well known to those who look after themselves. She is a high-level specialist, who can make the painful procedure of removing unwanted body hair in an unusually pleasant way, and that’s the reason why she is never short of clients

Nadezhda Sapozhnikova knows everything about her profession . And here are some facts she has shared with us today.

A bit of history 

Turns out the depilation procedure was known 4,000 years B.C! Archaeologists have proved that in order to have smooth skin on their hands and feet, women at the time have used arsenic and lime – the real poison!

“Hair removal was invented by the famous wife of the Egyptian pharaoh – Nefertiti. She was the one who first used a mixture of honey, wax and herb juice to remove unwanted body hair. Nowadays, of course, we have invented new, improved recipes, but it all started with this historical person,” – Nadezhda Sapozhnikova says.

 The expert has also told us a little-known fact about a terrible way women removed their hair in the XIX century.

“A little over a hundred years ago, the German obstetrician-gynecologist Wilhelm Alexander Freund invented the X-Ray depilation method. Can you even imagine what kind of danger women were exposed to? How good is it that now we know how to do it harmlessly”, – Nadezhda Sapozhnikova laughs. 

What is the difference between epilation and depilation

“It is pretty simple to explain: depilation is a process of hair being removed with follicle preserved. Whereas epilation is when both the hair and the follicle are removed. If you need to get rid of unwanted hair on your body at home and quickly – this is about depilation. In such cases, people usually use special creams from supermarkets or razor blades, but the effect of the procedure is not a long-lasting thing”, – explains Nadezhda Sapozhnikova

“Epilation will make your skin perfect for a couple weeks and, in addition to that, it will prevent unpleasant things, like an ingrown hair. Therefore, it is better to entrust it to a professional”,- emphasized the expert.

When is it better to begin to do hair removal

The sooner the person begins to take care of herself, the better, says Nadezhda Sapozhnikova. In particular, the specialist stressed that the procedure of epilation on legs and the bikini area can be started at the age of 15-17 years.

“The benefit of waxing at an early age is that over time, a person will not experience any discomfort from the procedure. But not because it gets used to the pain – it’s just about the follicle becoming weaker and easier to remove from the deep layers of epidermis. At some point the hairs may stop growing altogether, – says Nadezhda Sapozhnikova, but emphasizes. – You can start going to the epilation sessions at any age, but it is really important to immediately find an experienced master who uses the right methods and formulations. Then, even the first visit will be comfortable”.

How to get prepared to the epilation procedure

According to the expert, there is no need for special training. You only need to change your diet a little bit.

“In order to make the procedure not too sensitive for you, you should avoid alcohol, coffee and sour food two days before going to the master. These drinks are included in the category of stimulants and can make your skin sensitive, and, therefore,  the waxing process will be more painful. Acids also have the same effect”,- Nadezhda Sapozhnikova recommends.

 She also explained what “sour food” means. 

“These are products that contain a lot of protein but little water. Meat, fish, seafood, all dairy products, sweets, pasta, mushrooms, roasted nuts, pulses – all these are acidic foods. It is better not to take them before the epilation session. To be as comfortable as possible, just eat vegetables and drink a lot of clean water”, – Nadezhda Sapozhnikova advises.

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