Laugh Your Worries Away-How Using Humor Can Help You Cope with Your Battles?

Laugh Your Worries Away-How Using Humor Can Help You Cope with Your Battles?

A smile can go a long way; a laugh can help you go the distance. A chuckle or a lighthearted moment can genuinely change the course of a difficult day and even change a dull and gloomy mood. Amongst faces distraught and drowning in the morbidities of life, all it takes is a smile to light up the entire room.

An advocate for this theory and a testimony to the power of having a positive attitude and a smile on your face is author Perry Muse.

Let’s discuss how having a positive attitude can help you cope with your battles.

The biology

Laughter can have a positive effect on not only your mood but your overall health as well. Laughing can normalize your blood circulation and improve immunity. Studies have shown that laughter and having a positive attitude prolong your overall survival alongside eliminating cancer cells. It helps stimulate and nourish your organs with oxygen-rich air soothing each cell with every breath. Through radiation therapy and medicines, humor was integral to Perry Muse’s healing process.

Laughter is the best medicine.

On the Brightside

Through morbidities of life, a Sagittarius mainly thrives due to its ability to derive humor in the face of despair and depression. The Archers are known for being the funniest Zodiac sign, with their unprecedented wit and cleverness complimenting their resilience. Perry Muse is the perfect embodiment of the Sagittarius DNA and its various qualities… having a sense of humor and a positive attitude being a key influence in his healing against cancer. He is known to always look at the bright side of things, so much so that his pangs didn’t hinder him from writing a memoir that is an inspiration for all who have cancer or know someone afflicted with this deadly disease.

Make the pain easy

Throughout Perry Muse’s memoir, you will see him casually talking about his incredible feats of survival, whether it was being flung off his motorcycle at 110 MPH or facing multiple surgeries. His lighthearted and free-spirited nature allowed him to see through the immense pain into deliverance from it. He mentions in his book, “I hope this is entertaining but most helpful and informative to someone else who may be fighting the good fight. One can laugh or be depressed. I did both.”

Smile going the distance

Whether donning a red, black, and white PowerTrip jacket zooming into danger, or having IVs administering complex medicine into your system, humor can help you look past your problems and hook on to the positives. It can be difficult not to be overwhelmed by the situation; however, being depressed isn’t the answer. Know that you are living and still have hope no matter what. Perry Muse is an inspiration to all those feeling like they have reached a dead end in their life, that even in terminal illness, you can still smile, live and spread positivity through your words.

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