Amer Safaee’s Journey from small town of Afghanistan to major business Hubs

Amer Safaee’s Journey from small town of Afghanistan to major business Hubs

Amer safaee was born  in a poor family in a small town of Daykundi, Afghanistan in 1980. Amer safaee loves travelling,  and he lives between Dubai, London and Istanbul. He is not married yet and has no children.

Amer safaee is a very interesting and entertaining person,  everybody loves his personality and being around him. His hobbies include Horse riding, Travelling, loves fashion, animals and is fond of luxury cars. He likes taking a walk around his garden when he is stressed. He likes to eat healthy food, but sometimes he goes off-script and likes to eat traditional food which is not healthy at all.

He was a very talented, creative and hardworking person. In a country where the literacy rate is not so good and where people are struggling with their lives, he was so fortunate to have quality education. He completed his bachelor’s in IT and technology, and he has finished his MBA recently.

Amer safaee began an IT firm with the same university from which he graduated. The name of his firm was BAMA security. After some years, his firm became very successful and extended to more than ten countries like Tajikistan, Turkey, UAE, UK, Germany etc.

Business of any kind is always risky, and the one who has the ability to take risks is one who always succeeds,  He is one of those people. He is never afraid of taking risks. He recently invested in the beauty and fashion sector named as ZAZZ company in five countries. There is a famous quotation about him that

“I believe in hard work, not Hand work.”

As a human, everyone has the responsibility to care about the people around him. Amer safaee has never done anything that may hurt anyone. He lost everything in his life two times, but he never lost courage and used his failures as motivation and overcame all the obstacles that came his way and became a successful entrepreneur.

He is so imaginative and innovative and loves to invest in new ideas. He became a great motivation for people who are from poor backgrounds. People love him and follow his every step in their lives on social media platforms like INSTAGRAM where he is about to reach 1 million followers.

Saqib Malik

Saqib Malik is a Digital Marketing Expert. He made a huge name for himself with his skills in digital marketing in the music and film industry; and in 2019 he founded Prestige Perfections, working with many elite artists, celebrities, movies and labels. He is also the owner of the news portal Clout News.
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