Alpha Men Embrace The Divine Feminine

Alpha Men Embrace The Divine Feminine

Most men were raised with the idea that embracing their feminine energy would make them less of a man, but that could not be farther away from the truth. The men who achieve the highest level of success in life learn to embrace their divine feminine. But what does that mean? It means they have harnessed their innate creativity, intuition, and love. They also let go of the need to always be in control.

True Bryant is a man who used to believe that because he is a biological man, he should live solely in his masculine energy. It wasn’t until he learned to embrace the power of his divine feminine that he achieved his current level of lifestyle success and personal freedom. True is a highly educated man who played quarterback, ice hockey, baseball, and also rowed on the varsity boat at the elite prep school, Phillips Exeter Academy. He received his bachelor’s in Religious Studies with a minor in literature and history. He attended classes at Harvard and Boston University that covered Buddhism, advanced spiritual theory and practice, and the most potent ways to create meaning in this fast-changing world we are living in. While earning his Masters in Theology, True studied Alan Watts, 20th-century English poetry, the writings of many female Christian saints, and other ancient masters so that he could embody their wisdom and share it with those around him.

After completing his Masters degree, he accepted a position at a junior boarding school in Connecticut as a history teacher and the school’s Head Chaplain. This was the start of a journey that changed his life. He began guiding his students through difficult times in the dormitory, in class, and on the athletic fields.

His students started seeing him as the go-to person when they had problems with their parents, or with feeling lonely/depressed/or anxious about interpersonal conflicts.

True Bryant has gone through much adversity himself which is why he has been able to help so many men navigate through their emotions, conflicts, gifts, and find their true power and purpose. Before he was able to find his gift, he was a victim of sexual abuse and circumcision trauma. Like so many men, he was more or less guided by society to chase shiny objects in different forms in life which eventually lead to two suicidal periods. He (wrongly) thought that in order to be a real man, he had to hide and deny his emotions.

However, despite all of his adversities, he always knew he could help other men, and he truly enjoyed witnessing the transformation and impact he was having on his students, but he also felt he could do more. He embarked on a journey to change his own life in order to grow. He invested in his first coach and mentor who helped him start his entrepreneurial journey. Through focused reading, a tribe of invested and experienced mentors, and his own self-belief, he evolved into a completely different person who now guides affluent men to achieve the best version of themselves.

Through his program, these men clarify their real relationship needs, optimize their health through various cutting-edge methods, and even transition from their lifestyle of wealth into a way of serving others that both aligns to their deeper spirit’s calling and pays well.

True was able to build this life changing program for men once he understood that a man can only build anything he desires once he learns to stand firm in not only his divine masculine energy, but also his creative and artistic divine feminine energy. At this point, True Bryant has worked with all kinds of men in different fields and he knows that embracing femininity does not make you less of a man, in fact, it simply makes you more powerful. When a man has faced and befriended his own inner feminine element, he becomes the archetypal Lover to himself and to others. Unconscious fear is completely eliminated, his creativity flourishes, and love-making becomes limitless.

It can be said that many men who suppress their Divine Feminine are crippled in their ability to become whole and to truly live a life in abundance. Embracing only his masculine side often motivates a man to chase external factors, such as money, status, over-rationalization, and so on, leading to depression, anxiety, and an overall sense of discontent. By aligning to his inner feminine energy, however, a man thrives in creativity, artistic innovation, and the priceless and tender sides of life. The man who can blend these two becomes the king and the lover, the warrior and the magician. He is the embodiment of the hero written about in myths and stories from all cultures and ages. 

A man cannot become a true king until he learns to embrace both energies. Connect with True Bryant to learn how.

Derek Robins

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