Humble Beginnings for Jason Lee, the Founder of Trading Education Company OptionsSwing Inc

Humble Beginnings for Jason Lee, the Founder of Trading Education Company OptionsSwing Inc

Founded by Jason Lee and Jose Infante in 2019, OptionsSwing is an educational options trading community. They provide members with the tools and resources needed to scale their careers within the stock market, including access to constant support from experts in the field, video courses, and a premium Discord server to network and learn in. Since its creation, the company has amassed over 2,000 members for their multiple programs.

The name OptionsSwing comes from the two types of trading: options trading, where buyers have the right, not the obligation, to buy or sell shares at their desired price, and swing trading, where an individual holds a position for a period of days, weeks, months, or longer. The latter is better for those looking for a more hands-free way of trading and don’t have time to be sitting around looking at charts all day.

OptionsSwing offers multiple subscription services that go more in-depth on the different types of trading, including monthly and yearly memberships. The highlight of those packages is that the members gain access to a private Discord server with over 2,000 members who share the same goal of establishing careers within the stock market industry.

Since their launch in August of 2019, Jason and Jose have been growing their team of analysts and traders to help them scale the business. They currently have 15 staff members, all of whom work remotely from their homes. This has been a great benefit for not only OptionsSwing, which now has extra help, but for the employees who have secured full-time jobs amid the recent pandemic.

Together, the founders and their staff have created a strong working environment that has helped each of its members gain all the necessary knowledge needed to survive within the industry. Each course and program offered has had countless hours of work and effort put into it, and students are encouraged to ask as many questions as needed. The OptionsSwing team teaches those of all experience levels different trading strategies, such as scalps, day trades, and swing trades.

The company is also big on producing infographics, which they share on their social media, ranging from Facebook to Twitter to LinkedIn. These are created and shared daily, always offering the newest and top information on the market, so no member misses anything important. Consistency and dedication have played a big role in helping OptionsSwing continue this, and it’s something they highly recommend to others.

In order to show how effective their methods are, OptionsSwing offers real-time, transparent trading every single weekday, showing members the success they’re able to achieve through their methods. Being open is an important thing to practice for any business, and Jason and Jose work extra hard in ensuring their company does so.

The amount of success OptionsSwing has achieved through the service they provide has come a long way from where they started as an Instagram account. At the time of creation, Jason worked at a Fortune 500 company and became very invested in the stock market, which gained him an impressive understanding of the industry. He used what he learned to educate his friends, helping them get started in the market for themselves.

Eventually, things got to the point where Jason had too many conversations and people to keep up with, so in August 2019, he made an Instagram with the name @OptionsSwing and has been growing it ever since. After just a year, it had grown to a following of 100,000, gaining another 50,000 just three months later. Part of this attention came from the help of apps such as Robinhood and WeBull, where users can connect their bank accounts and be invested in the market within minutes.

OptionsSwing’s rapid growth has gained them the attention of major media outlets, such as Yahoo! Finance, Benzinga, MarketWatch, and more. Their popularity is only growing, and they’ve set a handful of goals for themselves, a major one being to release a book. It would be focused on educating the reader about the depths of the options trading industry and how to establish oneself in it to scale their own career.

Another big goal they have as a company is to host live seminars for their clients worldwide, especially in the major cities they have extra attention in, like Los Angeles, New York, Houston, and Miami. At these shows, analysts from OptionsSwing would come on stage to teach attendees what they offer through their programs, like top-tier information on the market and answers to any questions.

Currently, Jason and Jose are getting OptionsSwing ready for the new year and all the ideas they’ll be executing. Just over a year old, and they’ve already achieved great things, one can only assume where the company will be by the end of 2021.

Derek Robins

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