Aditya Sharma, a social activist who is making a safer world for youngsters

Aditya Sharma, a social activist who is making a safer world for youngsters

A Young activist, Aditya Sharma aged 20 years has been closely associated in making this world safer for these youngsters. He has also been a youth representative on many global platforms such as concentration on child online protection initiative by an UN agency.

Once Gandhiji said, “Be the change you want to see!” That’s what we absolutely get to see in the form of Aditya Sharma, though he being just 20 years, he thinks for the betterment of the society. He is determined as well as hardworking to see new changes and work for the goodness of people.

In some parts of the world, student agitation, often relating to campus issues, cause governments to shut universities for extended periods. This has occurred in Nigeria, and universities in Myanmar were closed for several years after student protests against the military dictatorship. In many of these cases, student demands have combined local campus issues with broader political concerns. They seldom had success in social change, although sometimes university policies or conditions have altered.

“My heart weeps when I see the dwindling and weakening of the fabric of the Indian family. All homes have inadvertently been converted into houses in the modern trend of the shaping of families. Evils like drug addiction and the like have come to stay and destroy our new, coming up generation. All these evils are coming up owing to our children growing up in crèches and elders being sent to homes for the aged. All these situations have given birth to loosening of the threads of family ties that existed here not very long back.” This is what a student activist or a social worker must be thinking. The very essence of social service lies in really forgetting oneself. Service above self is today only used for lip service and not social service, it is only a decoration of the profession and found nowhere in reality. The modern clan of social workers wishes to get involved in such projects only for self-dignity as, the work is the in thing now, is in fashion these days.

The role of a social worker is to shield vulnerable people, develop relationships and where possible help families to stay together while sticking to these guidelines. They also support people to enable them to live a happy life as possible. Social workers work as part of multi-disciplinary teams with other professions such as education, health and probation services. This is to make sure that all aspects of the service users’ life are taken into consideration when help is being discussed. If this is completed effectively no aspect of the service users’ life is left without any help if it is needed. Social workers work in various different organizations. Some work for local authorities in children and adult services departments there are also social workers working in hospitals and the voluntary and private sector.

In conclusion, the role of a social worker is very varied and complex. Social workers face many issues while working with service users and their families. Of course the life of a social worker isn’t easy but if no one comes forward then how is change going to take birth? Thank you to all the student activists and social workers like Aditya Sharma who are still working for the benefit of the society.

Derek Robins

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