A trained actress and a high-performing radio host, make way for Gurpreet Grewal

A trained actress and a high-performing radio host, make way for Gurpreet Grewal

She exudes pure passion and love for her work in everything she does, which has what thrust her forward in these niches.

Not all those who wander are lost is a specific adage that has remained true for so many people out there working across different industries in the world. People also choose to wander among their chosen niches to understand in-depth the working of those industries and finally pick a niche to excel at. We couldn’t help but notice how Gurpreet Grewal did the same in the world of media and entertainment, becoming a well-known actress and a radio host with Red FM. This self-driven and determined girl is all about her love for her work and her passion for giving it her all to these niches to serve as an example to the Gen-Z in these sectors.

Gurpreet Grewal, originally from Vancouver and now from New York City, the US, says that sometimes people need to hustle each day and keep honing their skills in the niches they wish to be a part of to ultimately realize their potential and how far they can get to achieve excellence in what they do in their careers. First, for her love for acting, she chose to get trained from the Lee Strasberg method of acting in LA, but her entry into the world of radio truly changed many things for her for the positive, she confesses.

She says that while she was prepping to become a host on TV and also went to give an interview for the same, she was instead selected as a radio host after she was asked to test her voice. Entering Red FM and becoming an MC helped her create her unique niche in the medium. After 16 long years today, she still continues to spread her magic through her voice and engaging interviews with well-known personalities on the radio and her YouTube channel.

As an actress, Gurpreet Grewal (@theggrewal) wants to experiment with many more genres and play different characters that can help her prove her mettle in the same.

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