A South Africa carjacking led to Katie Price claiming she was raped at gunpoint

A South Africa carjacking led to Katie Price claiming she was raped at gunpoint

The mother of five and former beauty model claims there is no security during filming.

It has been reported that Katie Price says she was sexually assaulted while filming for ITV in South Africa. She alleges that six guys were raped at gunpoint as they fled from a car during a carjacking attempt.

The South African carjacking and rape that the former beauty model experienced in 2018 so overwhelmed her that she “knocked herself out and gave herself two black eyes” in a last-ditch effort at suicide, according to Mirror Online.

Fortunately, the mother of five was saved, and she is currently giving a speech to advertise her new programme Katie Price: Trauma And Me. When she was filming for ITV in South Africa, she claimed: “The incident when the six guys jumped out, held me at gunpoint, and raped me might have helped if we had security.”

Katie reflected on the event that set off her battle with PTSD and said, “I got held at gunpoint in South Africa, I thought we were all going to die.

“My relationships with guys have been terrible. Everything that has happened to me since I was a child. It all started when I was seven and was raped in a park.

In the hopes that it would inspire others to seek professional assistance, Katie is honest about her struggle with mental health. There is a perception that anyone living in The Priory is a bad person, she said. People who go to The Priory, in my opinion, are brave because they are confronting their demons. tackling the issue they are dealing with to become a better person.

According to Katie, she isn’t afraid to tell her kids that she needed to get therapy from a professional to get rid of her problems. “I remarked to the kids being at The Priory, when you are sitting round in a circle you hear some people’s experiences and you think ‘are you only in the Priory for that, that’s a breeze,'” she recalls saying.

“If you have lived with what has happened to me, you won’t be able to cope. So it doesn’t matter how big or small a problem is, it’s just different. Now I’ve got to say hopefully my kids won’t suffer mental health issues, but you can never say they won’t. Anything can happen.”

Mother-of-five Katie says it was her love for children which gave her a sharp reawakening to confront her troubles head on, and vows to never get into such a dark place again.

Speaking about depression, she says: “Unfortunately I did get into that place and I will never get into that place again. It’s real, it happens and it did happen to me.”

Now seeing a therapist once every two weeks, Katie, who is proud mum to Harvey, 20, Junior, Princess, Jett, nine, and Bunny, eight, says she is in a better place.

Rakhi Kale

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